...and we're so excited. I really had thought it was a girl. Felt like it was a girl. Daydreamed that it was a girl. But I had no idea if that was my motherly intuition, or the novelty of having the opposite of what I had last time. Whatever it was, it was right. She is sweet and quite pretty in my humble opinion and we can't wait to have her as a part of our family! We are currently trying to teach Ryder the word "sister" and well, the actual concept of a little sister. She is doing great and growing strong and we couldn't be more thrilled.


So we get to find out this Wednesday whether we're having a boy or a girl. I'm so excited I can barely stand it. I feel this is my reward for making it half-way through my pregnancy. We get to pick out a name, we can start buying him/her fun little baby things and I have a better picture of what our newly structured little family will be like. Anyhow, I'd love to hear what you think: boy or girl?


I'm alive, I promise. One of these days I'm going to go back to happily blogging about nothing like my decorating preferences and the random going ons of this world as opposed to what we're actually up to. These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. We got our condo sucessfully turned over to our new tenant. I have forgotten how much hard work moving is. I hope I forget again, or else, I'll never do it again. Right now we are currently stationed at Phil's parents who have graciously offered to house us AND our all our stuff for the next two weeks. However, our little Ryder is struggling a little bit with the transition. I don't blame the poor confused thing. It's like the terrible twos+transferring from crib to bed+feeling sleep is optional= a lot harder than I'm used to. I can't wait to get him settled with his own things and into a solid routine again. I'm hoping everything calms down a little after that. Other than that Phil and I have also been spending the last two weeks meeting peeps who are part of the BYU MBA program from around here and trying to get everything figured out for what we still need to do for that, and that has been pretty fun. We're always impressed with the people we meet and even though it's going to be hard, it's nice to know we'll be in great company. So here's to our 'Two Weeks Notice' and to future blogs about nothing :)


In all honesty, I'm a little relieved to see June go. It was a bittersweet month and I knew it was going to be. Thankfully, it all turned out on the sweet side, but it was a little stressful getting to that point. However, for its farewell, I'd like to show you one of the sweetest parts of the month... Autumn came to visit me!!! She came without her babes and Phil took some work off to watch Ryder, so we pretty much had an entire weekend to ourselves. Her visit to the area pretty much consisted of fun visits, good conversation and lots and lots of yummy food. We spent her first full day here at downtown Seattle shopping at the mall and grazing our famous Public Market. Making sure to give her the full effect we took the bus each way :) We also spent one day at Trophy Cupcakes where we were miraculously comped $20 worth of delicious cupcakes because their cash register broke. We followed up the day with dinner and a movie. Sorry, these are the only two photos I got. We're not that good at remembering to do things like take pictures. I love my sister and I was so grateful she took the time & money to come visit me. Thanks, Autumn!