So I turned on the news this morning (if that's what you call the Today Show) and they had the press conference with Pres. Bush. Did any of you watch it? Was it just me or was he a little on the grumpy side this morning? I felt like telling him to go back to bed, grumpy pants. I mean, I don't really blame him with everything being said about him at the moment...I mean, I think I would be grumpy too if the country was in a downward spiral and everyone thought it was my fault. Anyhow, I was left unimpressed.

Words on Running

If you're the type of person who can do nothing for weeks and then just get up and run 6 miles in 60 minutes with no problem just because you thought it would feel good, then I just don't know if your the type of person who should read this particular post.

So I've been running. I know, I know, shocking. More on this later.

Anyhow, about a week ago, in an effort to encourage me to go 3 miles instead of my originally planned 2.5 miles, Phil said, "Just think, you can blog about it when you're done!"

Slightly embarrassed he knew this would act as an incentive for me, I scoffed and said, "I wouldn't blog about running 3 miles." I mean, really, who would blog about running 3 miles?

However, blogging about running 4 miles? Now, that's something to blog about! This is a super big deal for me. Getting to this point has not been easy, mind you. If you know me, you know I've always hated running (now, it's more of a hate/it's okay relationship). I've always felt it was one of the most efficient forms of exercise, but hated it because it was so hard. Every time I tried to start running, I'd do it all wrong. I'd take on too much too fast or I'd go running with track gurus or marathon runners, who would pull the whole run to the end of the block and run back to get me (and run to the end of the block and run back to me, and run to the end of the block and run back to me) before I finally caught up and we started the whole thing over again. Every time I thought, "wow, running stinks".

...and no, this is not a photo of me running.

Then, I had a baby. If you're like me and had the whole "what's the point" attitude toward exercising while pregnant, then you know all sorts of motivations to get back in shape come after your baby is born. I then, had the fortunate event of knowing two other mothers (particularly one) who just had babies a couple months before me and were starting to run again. It is thanks to their motivation and advice I was able to get to a point where running a respectable distance was an attainable goal. If I remember correctly, I believe, my first day into it I could only do rounds of running 30 seconds, walking 2 minutes. Always, increasing the time, I remember having a pit in my stomach the day before we were going to actually run more than walk.

So although, reaching this point is a big deal for me, I still have quite a ways to go. Because, you see, I have some how managed to commit myself to two runs. A 12k in June and a twelve-man relay in July. My plan? In June, don't worry about my time. Finishing will be a victory in itself. I'll try to improve my speed for July. However, if that doesn't pull through, I'll have my husband, who just happens to have the legs of a Greek god (he's one of those aforementioned readers) there with me to make up for what I lack. Good plan? I think so.

So, I get to blog about running at 4 miles. When I get to 5 miles, I get to purchase myself a swanky running outfit.

A Bit on Appearance & Self-Confidence: Part II

So, my sister, Autumn posted this rather humorous sequel, if you're interested. Enjoy. (because I think you will)

A Bit on Appearance & Self-Confidence

I am happy to say I think I have a healthy self-concept. How I know this? I will tell you. It has been on more than one occasion I have picked out what I think to be a cute outfit then fixing my hair and applying my makeup in a way I can take a final look in the mirror and be quite satisfied, sometimes I even think, "Uh huh, lookin' good...go get'em tiger" (Just kidding, I usually don't think that last part...usually). I will go the rest of my day accomplishing the things I set out to do with confidence. However, it so unfortunately happens that through out these days (I do have my ugly days, mind you) I should come in contact with my reflection in some window or church bathroom with those very honest fluorescent lights and I'm shocked because the dazzling image I had conjured in my head is not being returned in the mirror. I'll notice makeup mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions, misshaped hair, tired eyes or my particular favorite, all of these rolled into one (which is usually the case). Although momentarily disappointed, I figured there is no point dwelling on the negative, decide to avoid all mirrors and happily go back to my previously conceived image of myself. As it is much more pleasant. Anyhow, if you're having a hard time following me (which is good because that means I'm not the only one) it's the whole "If by chance you meet a frown, quickly turn it upside-down" philosophy: "If by chance you're looking bad, think you're pretty so you won't be sad".

So our band played at a Stake Relief Society Conference Luncheon a couple Saturdays ago. A very casual gig to the nicest audience ever. I, as I'm sure most people do, like to think they look good while they're performing, ya know, feeling a little hott, if you will. Well, unfortunately, just like a reflection, photos can burst one's good looking bubble too.

I mean...something like this is what I had in mind:

As opposed to this:
...ah nuts.

Babe Update

...well on one of them anyway ;)

  • Ryder is turning 8 months very soon and although we're not sure of his exact weight, we know he is tall. Every time I think I start to see him get a little plump around the edges, a little elf comes and stretches him out in the middle of the night and the next day I swear he is an inch taller. (Just kidding, there is no elf. After I read that, the idea scared me a little).
  • Ryder got his first haircut the other day. His hair keeps getting lighter and lighter. He has gone from chocolate brown to a light golden brown. We find great joy in giving him mohawks and fohawks.
  • As you can see from the pictures, Ryder is well into eating solids and has already formed a strong dislike for veggies (nuts). Thank goodness for sweet potatoes. And yes, dad, he still thoroughly enjoys spitting his food at us. Thanks again for teaching him how to do that. We finally bought him a high chair today. It's one of those that attaches to one of your kitchen chairs...a little less intrusive and utilizes space. We all think it's pretty rad.
  • Ryder isn't quite crawling yet (he never liked being on his tummy much) but he still manages to get around by A) Bouncing/scooting his bum. We'll sit him down somewhere within a couple minutes he'll miraculously be two feet closer. B) Rolling. This one gets us into trouble. C) You know the army crawl? Well Ryder does it REALLY good backwards. He reversed right underneath his crib today. It gave me the giggles.
  • He also loves to talk...and yell. Lately, when Phil gets home from work, they both engage in an excited yelling match until we're all laughing. I really should get this on camera before the phase passes.
  • Ryder is still a great sleeper. Whenever I put him down (unless he is super tired) he will always wake up a little to pull the blankets up over his head before falling asleep, because he finds this and any other type of cloth on his head, to be one of things he just can't seem to get enough of.
  • He is also currently at a stage where if he is tired enough, he'll snuggle with me. I encourage this.
  • As you can tell, we're crazy about our little guy and feel so blessed to be his parents. I spring cleaned his room today and went through all his clothes trying to get a stash to give away. I got all nostalgic looking at his little newborn stuff that I barely came up with anything to get rid of (which is very unlike me). To say Ryder brings us joy is a gross understatement. There are not words to describe the happiness and completeness he brings into our lives. He is our best little friend.

Now That's a Cupcake

So my friends Elizabeth, Jeanelle and I took a mini field trip to nationally renowned Trophy Cupcakes recently featured on the Martha Stewart show, this last weekend. It was super fun and we got to meet the owner who actually was on the show. She humored us with a photo and pretty much gave us the skinny on Martha and here experience with getting on the show. Anyhow, Jeanelle wrote a much more well-written and interesting post about our adventure. You can read it here. If your curious, my favorite was the triple-chocolate cupcake. However, I'm still daydreaming of the lemon cupcake I decided not to buy. If your in the area, you should totally go. If you're not, come visit me and then we'll totally go. And I'll get the lemon one...

(Click on photos to make bigger)

Late Evening Thoughts

  • Do any of you feel like the files on your computer are an unorganized mess? I do. In the process of organizing those.
  • Speaking of files, I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize, save and back up digital photos. It's a new age folks. No more boxes and boxes of random photos that need to be organized or put into albums, just files and files of them. I'm working on this as well. I obviously want to back up our photo files every so often. I also want to assign a drive per child to put photos and digital scrapbook pages of them on for them to keep. (ya know as opposed to an actual personal scrapbook or baby book) much work? Perhaps. If any of you have thought the whole digital photo storage thing out long-term and have a good system going, please share.
  • Speaking of organization, a definite spring cleaning session is needed at my house. It is time for a purge of our clutter to make more necessary storage room in our small area and ever increasing assets (mostly baby assets).
  • Speaking of babies, you parents of babies and young children, living in Utah, if you haven't discovered Magical Moon Toys in Logan, you should. It is pretty awesome. My mom showed it to me while I was in there and I couldn't help buy Ryder some stuff. It has EVERYTHING plus these cool wood toys made by a company called Melissa and Doug (wood toys are very durable and last a long time).
  • Speaking of all things fun, have any of you noticed the commercials and teasers for So You Think You Can Dance on FOX? I have and that's exactly what they did... teased me. I am so excited for that show. Coming in May, people... in May.
  • Speaking of TV, every time I listen to conference, I feel the prompting/motivation/guilt, whatever you want to call it, to watch less TV, and use less Internet. I think one of Phil's BYU professors once coined it as "Screen Time". Yeah, I need less "Screen Time". I keep hearing our leaders telling us make to make our homes a place where the Spirit can dwell and to avoid at all costs letting evil things in. Automatically, I ask myself, how am I letting in the evil things of the world in my home? And almost just as automatically, I think of the TV being a small window where little bits of evil creep in through forms of crude language, liberal attitudes toward morality and well, you know what I'm talking about. It's funny because I will never read books that have such filth in them, but for some reason I have a much higher tolerance when it comes to watching it.*
  • Speaking of bad things, why am I still up? Good night.
*From my previous comment, it sounds like I'm a stay-at-home mom who watches soap-operas all day. No silly, I don't do that. Come to think of it, because of my blog, I think all of you are well aware of what I watch :)


So I just wanted to write a brief post about Conference. I love General Conference* weekend. Saturday we had recorded the first session while we went about some morning to do's. I had purposely made a batch of potato soup and bread sticks Friday night so we could enjoy the leftovers throughout the weekend. Anyhow, as we sat there for the first session, Ryder had gone down for a nap, and I had just heated myself up a hot, yummy bowl of soup as we started watching it. Sitting there all relaxed with my food watching great things, I told Phil, "I am in heaven right now."

We then watched as Pres. Uchtdorf proceeded with the solemn assembly, which was quite profound and brought tears in my eyes when without question Phil stood, even in our living room, to sustain our newly called Prophet. And then, I of course put down my soup to stand as well :) Besides historical, this was a very sweet and memorable moment for me.

As usual we continued to enjoy the rest of the talks, which always make me excited for the May Ensign. I just want to mention the most prominent thing that stood out to me this conference was President Monson. We all loved President Hinckley so much so I don't think I'm alone in being slightly nervous/ protective/whatever about that sacred position being filled by someone new, even if it was our beloved Pres. Monson. However, if I know anything, I know now that Pres. Monson is exactly where he should be and he is a true Prophet of God. My love for him multiplied as I watched him perfectly fit into his new calling. It was a very peaceful thing for me to watch and made feel that everything was right in the world.

*A weekend where leaders, apostles, and prophet from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gather for a world-wide broadcast, to give uplifting and guiding talks.

There is a First for Everything

After being a dedicated fan for some years now, it should go down in history that tonight was the first time I actually voted for someone on American Idol. And probably the last.

Who I'm pulling for (in no particular order):

Brooke White: I love her mellow style, wholesomeness and how she is slightly nerdy. Plus, gotta support our fellow Latter-day Saints :)
Carly Smithson: I love her because I think she is just plain talented. And I think she has a way cute personality.

David Archuleta: I think he is adorable, incredibly talented and I LOVE how he has this innate humility about him. And it doesn't hurt he's from Utah.

Jason Castro: He makes me smile and I think he is hilarious. I totally think he'll fit the next Jack Johnson/Ben Harper bill.

So! Who did I vote for? I know you're dying to know. Drum roll please...

Carly Smithson

Why you ask? My answer is four-fold. (Yes, mom, here it comes*):
A. I really think she has one of those crazy amazing voices that can hit notes that leave you in awe.
B. She was in the bottom three last week. That worried me and I'm doing what I can.
C. She sang and aced, in my opinion, one of my favorite songs, "A Total Eclipse of the Heart" last week. I almost voted for her then, but didn't.
D. Already thinking I needed to right my last week's wrong I almost ran toward my phone when I saw her face drop when Simon insulted her style. She was so happy up until then and if you have been paying attention wasn't feeling so great last week because there had been news reports of her being pregnant. Just what every girl loves to hear. And then, I love how she handled it with grace by making a funny comment about her spanks, but the very next week to be told she needed to pay attention to her wardrobe??? It was very low, very low indeed.

So even though I don't have a real favorite amongst my top 4, I just really felt like Carly needed me tonight. And that is what I think about that.

*So you know how some people have a bad habit of saying "like" a lot? Well, while I was in Utah I picked up this awesome habit of constantly making lists bulleted by the alphabet. My mom and I talk a lot and so she just thought this was the funniest thing...especially because I rarely had a 'B.' or a 'C.'

Have You Seen This?

I could possibly be the last person on this band wagon, but have you guys seen this? While I was in Utah I saw their infomercial and haven't been able to get it out of my brain. Not really paying attention and following into the potholes of common advertising schemes I thought that it originally cost $50. Nope. Five payments of $50. Nuts. And it looks like if you buy it online, it costs a whopping $300. However, this small roadblock does not take away from the fact that I think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm not a big scrapbooker, in fact, I'm not a scrapbooker at all. But I do like making cards and it totally got me with the whole "And look what else you can use it for" gimmick. I am now utterly convinced my creative self will not be content until I have one. Apparently, they are currently sold out. Good to know I'm not the only person who feels this way. Do any of you have one?

Oh and if you don't know what it is, it is an automatic decal cutter. That sounds lame. Just go to the website. They will tell you all that it can do.

Oh goodie, with some more research, they sell them at JoAnn's for $219! Add a little coupon...much more reasonable.