Happy Halloween!

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

Photos of the Week: New Duds Fashion Show

So I tried a 3 month outfit on the little guy a few days ago thinking, "oh this will be too big" and although it was still a little big, it wasn't a little long (his little ankles were showing). This threw me into a dress-up frenzy because I wanted to make sure he didn't grow out of any other cute clothes. I was excited to find he fit into some very cute 4-6 month stuff. Here is the fashion show...

Cute & Casual: Here we have model Ryder in a casual layered onsie with his first pair of jeans and some camo shoes
Designer: Shirt-Komal & Shuib
Shoes-Cousin Bethany

Yay for Baby Beanies!: Here we have model Ryder in the same thing except with a striped layered onsie and a matching beanie! Of course, mom had to be thrown into the line-up after realizing they matched quite well!
Designer: Shirt & Beanie-Komal & Shuib
Shoes-Cousin Bethany

Happy & Handsome: Here is the little man in cool striped, button-up the front shirt and cargo khakis with light blue sneaker socks.
Designer: Shirt & Pants-Aunt Carly
Sneaker Socks: Granma Shorten

Gasp! No Duds at All!: After that, some serious R & R was needed, so here is our little guy chillin' in a warm tub...all in the life of the Ryder man
Designer: The man himself
Oh, and the washcloth: Phil

Thanks to everyone who made this fashion show possible...we couldn't have done it without you! Stay tuned for more duds later...

My Weather Forcast...

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On a Funnier Note...

I'm just blogging like crazy today. I figure if I just sit here long enough rocking Ryder with my foot, he will fall asleep and take a respectable nap, plus a great way to procrastinate the rest of the things I should do today...like shower.

Anyhow, so Phil and I attended the baby shower of one of his co-worker's wife a few weeks ago. Well, we just happened to be sitting by the guest of honor and therefore in almost every single picture. If only I had known. Here are some possible thoughts that could've been going through my head...

"Now, where can I get one of those?"

No words needed

(Perhaps after a night of partying with Ryder)


(Hello! Let's work on our posture, Jasmine.)

"Mmmm hmm... big fashion no, no"

(Actually this is what we got them)

*Despite what my unphotogenic self might communicate we had a great time at Komal's shower and wish her and Shuib congrats on their new baby boy!!

Phil and me...

I thought this was a nice looking photo of my man and me. I love you, baby, and I think you are quite wonderful.

October General Conference

I love fall! And one reason I love it so much is because of General Conference. I just love getting cozy in front of the TV and letting the Spirit fill my home as I'm motivated to become a better person. (I only wish that motivation stayed with me a little longer!)

>Loved, loved, loved Sis. Bech's talk--I would like to hang that one on my bathroom mirror.
>Everything about Elder Wirthlin's talk--We talked about this in my Preach My Gospel class this morning and thought it was interesting how his talk was on charity considering the circumstances.
>I just love Elder Eyring
>Loved Elder Oaks' talk as well--however, I believe I was tending to Ryder some of the time, so I'll have to go back and reread this one among many others.

Photo of the Week: "Pure Joy"

I know I slacked off a week with a new photo of Ryder (his blessing and cute visitors left me no time), but you have to admit, this one is totally worth the wait.

Ryder's Blessing Day

Here is a little photo of our little family on the morning of Ryder's blessing-our official, first family photo- (well besides in the hospital). The timing was quite fitting because this was the first morning he was just all smiles...which was so fun for us. His little smile melts my heart. The day was wonderful. We hit a little snag when the mike went out during his blessing, but thanks to a couple of nice people in our ward sitting close enough and Phil's good memory, we got most of it down on paper...whew! It was a beautiful blessing and Phil did a wonderful job. I was so grateful to everyone who came to support us that day, especially my parents who flew down for the weekend right before my mom's surgery.

On a fun note, my sister and her darling niece, Gracie, came to spend all of last week with us. We had such a fun time and I stupidly didn't take any photos, which is quite a loss because Autumn and I were the only ones who got to see Gracie holding Ryder (I really need to improve with the whole picture thing...I will work on it).

On a sad note, while my sister and I were pow-wowing up here in Seattle, my mom had to get her thyroid out and in the process discovered she had cancer. Thankfully, thankfully, this is something that can be totally taken care of and now she is on the mend and I'm so grateful we can get the recovery process going.

Mom, you are one of the bravest and strongest people I know. I love you!