Here are the photos I wanted to include with my last post...

Our journey to the Big Apple started in the car and the babies were so happy and excited to be participating in anything if it meant being up at 6 a.m.

Here we are on the plane....waiting and waiting for it to just go up in the air.

It finally did and we made it to our place! We actually are quite pleased with it, but just to offer you some perspective, Penny's room may or may not be in the kitchen. And the W/D (which I hear we're really luck to have) may or may not ALSO be in the kitchen :)


***********For some reason I couldn't get my photos to download. Sorry about that. Will post them later, hopefully**********Or/and 2 depending what you count as a day. Anyhow, we got here later last night. We started our day at 5 in the morning and got to our place in NY by 7 EST. We had a few little hang ups when 1) I woke up with a sore throat and continued to feel achey throughout the day 2) our flight got delayed two hours, which eventually led to Ryder waiting unbearable amounts of time too many times way more than any toddler should have to and 3) as we were awkwardly boarding the plane with our two babies and all of our stuff, a lady on the front row said something to me that I couldn't hear. Thinking it was some cute comment about my children, I leaned over and said, "Whate was that?" and she replied, "Your zipper." Huh. Ryder and I had completely hit the wall by the time we arrived to our place. Phil and Penelope were troopers, and were in all around good spirits. After we got the tour and keys, my only goal was to get everyone to bed whether they wanted to or not (including Phil).

Although, things usually do look better in the morning, this morning might have been the exception after waking up with a temperature of 103. Talk about wrong timing. NOTE: One bad thing about the east coast, I have to wait hours before it is appropriate for me to call anyone (like my mom or our insurance) to complain to them about my predicament. We spent most of the morning figuring our a doctor and our out-of-state insurance situation, but I triumphed! I'm happy to report by 4 o'clock today, I had my antibiotic in hand. And, while Phil and Ryder were out and about running some errands, Ryder just happened to be wearing his Seahawks jersey and they just happened to pass Elizabeth Hasselbeck and fam, who yelled, "Go Seahawks" to my boys. I'm not quite sure if I can handle all of this excitement for the first day.

First impressions of New York: (Considering we got in when it was dark and rainy, my first real view of this place was when we went out this morning to go to the doctor).

  • It is sooooo New Yorky. Not the most brilliant term ever coined, but it really does looks like it does on TV and the movies.I think the thing that gets me is how old it is. I would really enjoy a history tour of this city.
  • It's quite loud and busy, but our apartment is surprisingly quiet.
  • If something is looking worn down, like walls, doors or steps, just throw on another coat of paint.
  • I go from thinking how cool this place is to how sad this place is everytime I walk by the all to common homeless and crazy people.
  • I keep getting called "baby" and "baby-girl" by cute, older black women. I really like that..

I FINALLY SUCCUMBED the action figure shoe:

I don't know though, because it's like after those babies are strapped on, it's like he turns into a superhero himself!

Super Ryder!


During this time of R&R between school and the internship, we decided to road-trip it up to Seattle. Our trip included visits with everyone of Ryder and Penelope's grandparents, including the "greats".
Penny with her great-grandma and grandpa Shorten. We usually stop in for visits with them on our way to Tremonton.
We started our trip spending Mother's Day weekend with my parents. Saturday we did lunch and errands followed with the arrival of Aunt Auty and Gracie. We spent Sunday giving and accepting Mother's Day well-wishes while my mom, sister and I donned our fabric corsages I made to match. We spent the afternoon eating a delicious dinner with my grandparents who came up from Downey, ID.

Monday we spent driving...

Tuesday we went running and playing at one of our favorite Seattle spots, Greenlake. And after naps went next door to visit Phil's Grandma and Grandpa Pugmire.

Wednesday we went to visit Laurie (Phil's mom) at work (Nelson Orthadontics) and I was fitted for a back-up retainer! I have a really bad habit of losing my retainer, so this was a very kind gesture. We grabbed some Dick's for lunch and had a picnic at the park where we took some photos of the fam. That evening we had a BBQ with some of Phil's friends.

Thursday we went downtown to REI and the Pacific Science Center. So fun. Why we didn't ever go there while we lived here, I do not know. Fun for adults and children. Phil and I particularly couldn't get enough of the mirrors and we all enjoyed the butterfly exhibit.
That evening we had dessert at Red Robin and enjoyed great company with Phil's friend and former co-workers Chris and Cindi, who we would gladly have enjoyed eating mile high mud pie with them all night had Ryder not needed to go to bed.

Cute Chris and Cindi with Penny. Check out her fashion blog and nice entry about Penny here.

Friday was the Zoo, of course. After which we ate at Redmill Burgers, I believe it was called. It was put on my must visit list from now on. I'm still day dreaming about their onion rings and tartar sauce. The Zoo pooped us out. We spent the rest of the day napping and falling asleep to Avatar.

Saturday was mostly spent playing pickle ball and relaxing. Later in the afternoon we visited the chilly beach and took one last stop to Nordstrom Rack. I love that place. I always have luck, good luck too, shopping there.

And last but certainly not least we spent our Sunday morning attending church in our old Garrison Creek Ward. Oh how we love that ward!!! It was so fun seeing dear friends and catching up with them while sitting through our Sunday meetings feeling like we had never left.

Monday we spent driving...

With a quick stop and wonderful break at my parents we are back at home trying to quickly make our final arrangements to get off to NYC for the rest of the summer. Bring on more adventures!