Upon Request

Hello Everyone! As requested, here is a photo of me pregnant. I usually don't have a desire to take pictures of myself after gaining an unflattering amount of weight, but because I love all of you, I am documenting my....growth. Plus, I had to take a pic with my cute mom who came to visit me! Woo, woo! (BTW thanks again for coming to see me. I had so much fun.) Since this was my first documentation, I curled my hair and wore one of my new snazzy maternity outfits. And despite what you may think, I couldn't help it was posted small but if you double click you can see that it is actually my mom and me there. Side note to what you may be thinking: So my friend at work had a baby about 7 months ago and she told me one day she came to work and one of our former co-workers told her that her face was filling out nicely. She was pretty insulted. However, with me...let's face the inevitable...if you need to say it, I decided "you're face is filling out nicely" isn't so bad.


Goodness. Those two pictures of Nicole and Brittney scared me every time my own blog popped up, so I thought it would be wise to quickly write a new post so I would have something different at the top of my blog instead of scary/sad pictures that if you never had visited my blog before would make you think, what type of blog is this??? So I've been having a lot of dreams lately. I don't know if its because being pregnant brings all my emotions to the surface...at night or because I have to pee so much, I never really fall into a deep enough sleep to avoid random dreams. For either reason, I know every time I fall asleep I can count on a wacky dream or two. There are the good dreams. For example, last night I dreamed that a month before I went on maternity leave I got promoted to marketing manager and the CEO of SafeWorks came and put a king size candy bar on my desk. It even gets better than that. Last week I had a dream that I had my baby and went to church in the same day! After I woke up, I went through half of the day with the fuzzy feeling of warmth and love that my dream had left me. However, then there are the bad and disturbing dreams...some of which Phil does something wrong and I wake up fuming at him. Poor guy. And of course, there are the other dreams that are so weird or random that they don't deserved to get mentioned. All though all of these dreamy aspects thoroughly entertain me thru my very short 7 hours of sleep. I'm always left wondering 'what in the world entered my brain, met with enough other things in my brain to come up with that?!?!' Some obviously make sense--like the candy bar...duh. Or having a baby with a quick, healthy recovery...keep those dreams comin!. However, the weird ones...I just try not to put too much thought into, so hopefully it won't ever come across my dreams again.