Upon Request

Hello Everyone! As requested, here is a photo of me pregnant. I usually don't have a desire to take pictures of myself after gaining an unflattering amount of weight, but because I love all of you, I am documenting my....growth. Plus, I had to take a pic with my cute mom who came to visit me! Woo, woo! (BTW thanks again for coming to see me. I had so much fun.) Since this was my first documentation, I curled my hair and wore one of my new snazzy maternity outfits. And despite what you may think, I couldn't help it was posted small but if you double click you can see that it is actually my mom and me there. Side note to what you may be thinking: So my friend at work had a baby about 7 months ago and she told me one day she came to work and one of our former co-workers told her that her face was filling out nicely. She was pretty insulted. However, with me...let's face the inevitable...if you need to say it, I decided "you're face is filling out nicely" isn't so bad.


  1. The pictures bring tears to my eyes...wipe, wipe. You are so cute! You look absolutely fabulous. I can tell your pregnant, but just by a little bit, and your face isn't filling out at all. You look so cute! Too be honest, I sort of think you look like me, only with brown hair, and the pregnant part.

  2. I think you're hot.