Since I'm taking forev-a to getting around to our holiday photos, I thought the best way to show you our Christmas and New Year festivities before July would be in bits and pieces, or a play-by-play, if you will :) We spent Christmas at Phil's parents' house this year. We started out the festivities by welcoming in one of Northwest's biggest snow storms ever! (Well I don't know if the biggest one ever, but it was pretty stinkin' big.) His whole family was there and we had a grand 'ol time hanging out and making the best of all that snow--as you can clearly see.


Was what I felt today. I've felt and thought a lot of things about President Obama lately, but I'm happy that today, I mostly felt hope. There is no doubt in my mind that today was one of the most monumental days in our nation's history. I also have a hard time remembering when I've ever felt our country so united and willing to fix the problems laid at our country's door. Mr. President, you and I differ on a lot of issues but I'm grateful for the unity and confidence you have offered our nation during a time we've needed it most. I'll give you my support until given a reason not to. You'll be in my prayers. Other random inaugural thoughts:
  • Michelle's dress. HELLO! Georgeous. Beautiful woman. Not many ladies could pull off what I heard was "lemon grass yellow"
  • I got really angry at all the "Arrest Bush" signs. I feel it's rather hypocritical to be there supporting the incoming president, his position, this country and yet at the same time showing such disrespect for outgoing president of the same country. You may not agree with his point of view, but he deserves the graciousness that serving our country for two terms deserves.
  • I really think President Obama should stop smoking
  • I love seeing the Obama's daughters. You have to admit the first family is pretty good lookin'.
  • I am so over the "Anybody Who's Anybody Loves Obama Celebrity Clique". I seriously sometimes feel like today's celebrities are a larger reflection of a nasty middle school flashback where the popular kids have the ability to make anything cool ranging from being immoral to going green to endorsing a president just because of their social status and money.
  • I love the new hope and unity going on, but I do get slightly concerned about those ready to erect statues of a president who hasn't even been in office for 24 hours.
I told you I had a lot of mixed feelings.


Ya know, I had been thinking I was stubbing my toe a lot lately. I was even bending over and nicked my forehead on the corner of a kitchen cupboard the other day (I still have a scab and a bruise). What's my problem? You'd think I was going thru puberty all over again or something. My mom always said I was graceful (love her), but I feel as though I'm repelling any such vibes these last few days. And then today, I was being a good wife, mother and all around member of society by trying to manage my finances and pay my bills, when I realized I needed something in my bedroom. Not wanting a certain little gentlemen to come throw around my strategically placed documents and invoices like it was New Year's confetti, I quickly (wish I could say gracefully) ran to the bedroom. I had just barely rounded the corner when: WHAM! the corner of Ryder's door frame hit my foot. It was the doozy of all toe stubs. After yelling "Ouch" enough times to see I was alarming Ryder, I proceeded to cry for the next 15 minutes about the pain...and well every other little thing that was or could potentially go wrong in the next year with a smile on my face, repeating over and over again to him, "Everything's fine, everything's fine". It's like the flood gates just opened! (It was kind of releasing, actually). But man, it hurt. In my woes, I called Phil for some good sympathy who, like any good husband should, asked me to take a picture and send it to him. I willingly agreed. I then thought, why should I deprive the rest of you from seeing my owie... ...I'm really hoping this is just a phase.

2009:12 / ME:3

Good thing there aren't any officials keeping track of my New Year's Resolution's scoreboard. On this day of days, witch just happens to be my birthday, I thought I'd tally in my points so far from my first 15 days of the game, or year, rather. The first fifthter (as opposed to quarters) of the game was still spent on vacation, so of course, I lost out on those days. After getting unpacked the 2nd and 3rd fifthters of the game were spent on my bum. All these new motivations and goals and I just couldn't do anything productive to same my life. The 4th fifthter was spent doing tasks I had procrastinated in a rush and stressed manner. But the 5th fifthter...I've got to hand it to myself. I mean, I don't like to brag, but do the words visiting teaching and organizing closets mean anything to you? (tongue in cheek) That's what I thought. But seriously, someone needs to light a fire under my tooshy, preferably sometime in the month of January...because I can't just have barely-there sparks for the rest of 2009. I mean, I've got things to do! So, wish me luck and a maybe a happy birthday. Fortunately, I get today's point no matter what.


So I have been a long time fan of the Gilmore Girls. So long in fact, that I watched them as loyally as my life would allow from the beginning, well almost the beginning... You see, I discovered the charming show around the beginning of the second season. It was then I fell in love with the witty and sassy mother/daughter combo. I followed them as much as I could but it got a little patchy after I headed to college. So, you can see how happy I was when I noticed ABC Family was playing their reruns. I started watching these reruns right where I left off during my college days and totally enjoyed viewing some never-seen-before episodes. We were unfortunately approaching the last season (which I managed to see most of) and if you too, are a GG fan know why I say "unfortunately". BUT on the day that last season of reruns was supposed to start, it went back to the pilot and very first season! Yay, for me! All the episodes I hadn't seen before, right in a row! And I must say I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Particularly, the first season. I mean there were so many questions answered! I didn't know I was lacking so many of the GG fundamentals until I saw the first season. For example: *SPOIL ALERTS* Can you see, I had no idea on what I was missing out on! But now I know and I just have to say how much I love this show. As for the end, I refuse to talk about the Chris/marriage mishap and how they barely got Luke and Loreli as they should be. As for Rory, I thought it was lame she dumped Logan. Yup, I'm a "Logan-Liker". But even for the majority of you who are not, how can she be totally in-love with someone and leave them because she has to go explore the world? I mean he was a millionaire, I'm sure they could've worked something out. Anyhow, they should make up for that whole hideous last season and make a movie written by and only Amy Sherman Palladino. L&L can be pregnant and we can catch-up with Rory in her fast-pace, successful career-oriented life with awesome come-backs from the big three (Dean, Jess and Logan). Except, maybe not Jess because now they'd be related. Or take the story line and focus on Luke's daughter, April. So many possibilities! Wow, it really feels good to get that off my chest. A lot of these thoughts have been roaming around in my noggin' for awhile now. If you're interested and you've got cable, GG is on every day at 2 p.m. on the ABC Family Channel.


So I felt like last year my project was my bedroom and this year I want my project to be Ryder's room. Right now I'm just in the research phase and so here are some of my notes: Problems: Space. We don't have too much to work with. We decided to keep a daybed in Ryder's room and although I could get rid of it (I've thought this through thoroughly), I'm not willing to give it up and so the room-hogger stays and leaves us with little space to work with. Toys. It seems like yesterday I was complaining about how Ryder didn't have enough toys. Goodness, give him a holiday and a couple of relatives and poof! Problem solved. Now I just need to figure out a creative way to store them. I have faith. Height. That boy gets taller and taller every day! He can easily get to my placed "ka-ka" items (lotions, diaper rash creams, etc). Notes: There is a good possibility we're moving this year, so more permanent things like paint and fixtures aren't necessarily the priority. Here are some thoughts: I loved something like this for books. It keeps them up high just in case you have some nicer childrens books your little buddy might tear in a fit of excitment :) Then there is the old, cute or practical battle? I really like the fun/cute storage bins featured here from PB, but I'm also really liking the TROFAST childrens storage system going on here (Totally check it out). Or maybe I should just go straight for the Rubbermaid bins. Any suggestions? Have you had any storage system work particularly well for you and your babes?


So, Santa was sweet and now, I'm finally the owner of an Ipod Nano. My first one. A little late to the show, but here I am! I mean I knew I wanted one, but I don't think I knew how much until I got it in my little paws. Since I've been out of town I just downloaded a few things on other people's computers to get me going, but haven't really had the time yet to get my personal collection on there. I've also heard something about how you can either "manage manually" or just sync up with one computer that adds stuff automatically. Anyhow, point being, I'm a little confused and I'm wondering what you Ipod users have found to be the best way of sync-ing things up? Or if you have any tips, insights in general that you've found to be helpful, please pass those along as well. Oh, she's yellow. In case you were wondering.

HERE'S TO 2009!

Farewell to another successful, fun and eventful holiday season! So eventful, my posts have been rather scarce. But that's okay because the end of a holiday season tends to lend itself to some cold, long dreary months that do, in turn, lead to more time to blog! Yippeee! This long break has also rejuvenated my creative juices and motivated me to start afresh (as every new year does). I feel as though I was puttering out these last few months, so I'm happy to have a fresh outlook and a long list of things I hope to accomplish in 2009. After returning home from being with family for almost two weeks, I'm in the perfect position and mood to brush the dust off many things around here and dig into getting things organized, my house cleaned and projects created and finished. Wish me luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! More updates on our fabulous holidays to come a later (we did remember to take pictures this time :)