Since I'm taking forev-a to getting around to our holiday photos, I thought the best way to show you our Christmas and New Year festivities before July would be in bits and pieces, or a play-by-play, if you will :) We spent Christmas at Phil's parents' house this year. We started out the festivities by welcoming in one of Northwest's biggest snow storms ever! (Well I don't know if the biggest one ever, but it was pretty stinkin' big.) His whole family was there and we had a grand 'ol time hanging out and making the best of all that snow--as you can clearly see.


  1. You guys are so stinkin' cute! I'm super bummed that I'm going to miss Jaimie's farewell and your song! Will you call me and put me on speaker before you start singing? And maybe leave it on through the talk? And save me some of those really good brownies your grandma-in-law makes? And...;)

  2. Your family is so cute! It looks like you guys had fun in the snow over the holidays! I bet it was kind of nice to have a white Christmas!!