HERE'S TO 2009!

Farewell to another successful, fun and eventful holiday season! So eventful, my posts have been rather scarce. But that's okay because the end of a holiday season tends to lend itself to some cold, long dreary months that do, in turn, lead to more time to blog! Yippeee! This long break has also rejuvenated my creative juices and motivated me to start afresh (as every new year does). I feel as though I was puttering out these last few months, so I'm happy to have a fresh outlook and a long list of things I hope to accomplish in 2009. After returning home from being with family for almost two weeks, I'm in the perfect position and mood to brush the dust off many things around here and dig into getting things organized, my house cleaned and projects created and finished. Wish me luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! More updates on our fabulous holidays to come a later (we did remember to take pictures this time :)

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  1. I love the New Year for that, a way to refresh ourselves. It is a good excuse to start over with new goals. Happy New Year! Glad you had a good Christmas.