I "Heart" C.U.

I love Carrie Underwood.

No, I really do. We're friends, in fact. She waved at me and now we're friends. It's simple as that. Let me start from the beginning. Our awesome friends, Derek and Monica scored tickets to see Carrie Underwood (with Josh Turner) in concert in Yakima (yes, we drove 2 1/2 hours for this baby). We were pretty excited because we were on the 14th row, right? Well, we got a whole lot more excited when we were 5 seats deep from the isle, where she stood singing "Just a Dream" right in front of me. This is where she waved to me--TO ME and just me. I giggled like a 12-year-old school girl. If want to get a better feel for where are seat were...let's just say, we were close enough to take THESE:

"Oh, hi, Carrie."

Phil, Me, Derek & Mo

Josh Turner...isn't this a rad photo?

As you can see we had an awesome time. Thanks again Derek and Monica!

Happy 100 Posts!

So it's true, I have now officially posted on this blog 100 times! How exciting. It's not as cool as like 300 or 500 posts or anything, but we're getting there. Anyhow, to mark this great event I decided to share a blog about nothing other than blogging itself. I think all bloggers have thought about the phenom of blogging and so I decided to commemorate this time by sharing with you mine. I actually started this post awhile ago but never finished it, so that's why it's starting from a random place.

I feel as though I always have fun things to blog about, until I sit down at the computer, then they all disappear and I end up saying something lame about Bush' press conference. I could blog about my weekend...but that would involve me telling you about a driving mishap, which was lame. No fun there. I could blog about running...again. Let's wait awhile on that one. Hmmm...I know! I'll blog about blogging. In fact, if I were to write an essay on blogging, this would be my outline:

Blogging is Cool
An Essay on Blogging

My triple-barreled thesis...uh I mean lead, no thesis, just my Thesis:
Blogging is cool because it allows me to take a peep into the lives of my favorite people and while doing so I discover more witty and clever people. It is also cool because of the commenting factor. Commenting fosters conversation, encouragement and joy. However, blogging is not all rosy. It provokes debatable issues including, but not limited to, proper blogging etiquette, unproductive use of time and of course, limiting access, or otherwise known as "going private" or "lockin' it up".

Main points I would include in the Body of my essay, or rather my more extensive thoughts on the topics previously mentioned:
  • Like I said, I love blogging because being someone struggles to stay in contact with people, this allows me to do just that. I now know a best friend of mine from high school had plumbing issues this week. I normally wouldn't have known that, and I love that I do because during those rare moments you actually do catch up, the finer, usually far more relatable and interesting situations (like plumbing problems) in her life don't get mentioned.
  • I also love running across some acquaintance from my youth (like the funny friend-of-a-friend or the quiet girl in your history class) and find that they have become happy, successful, amazing people with beautiful families and wise comments. I love that.
  • I love a good blog. Don't get me wrong, I love the pictures and the updates and if I love you, I love your blog, but there are some blogs that have a knack for being particularly insightful, well-written or clever. I love a witty blog.
  • As for commenting, I appreciate that ability to receive feedback from the thoughts I choose to wear on my sleeve. You know they aren't being sent out to nowhere and that people do read and care enough about your ideas, life, what-have-you, to give advice or encouragement. It's the whole 'love your brother'/'I feel ya, bro' vibe.
  • However, there is nothing worse to sit down to a favorite blog you check daily and read "Going Private". When this happens, three thoughts run through my head: 1. No biggy, they know me and will send me an invite 2. Owell 3. Oh shnikeys! I love this blog and now I have to sheepishly admit I'm stalking their blog if I want an invite. I hate that last one. But really, it's my pride, I think it usually makes people happy if you were to ask (See Universal Blog Truths UBT 1). Let me know if you disagree.
  • I do think making your blog private is a personal decision and if you feel too sheepish to ask for an invite, well then, maybe you are a stalker...Ha! Just joking! Just joking.
  • As for commenting. I love comments. (See UBT 2) Who doesn't? Well, I guess if they're rude then you don't love them, but they shouldn't be rude (See UBT 3).
  • I used to think I was spending to much unproductive amounts of time blogging, but then I started using Google Reader. I recommend it to all bloggers. I now feel my blogging time is productive and efficient.
Conclusion. My conclusive thoughts on blogging.
In conclusion, I feel that blogging is a tool, that if utilized correctly can have positive effects on your personal well-being as well as others. It is my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject that I have come to the following universal truths about blogging. Let me know what you think (as to perhaps them truly universal :)

Universal Blog Truths:
1. Unless you are a weirdo or an actual stalker, I do believe most people are flattered if you read their blog or request an invite. I am, anyhow.
2. If someone frequently and respectfully comments on your blog, I believe the courteous thing to do is comment on theirs. Which brings me too...
3. In the true spirit of blogging, comments should be tactful, encouraging and uplifting. Opinions are cool, but no need to be rude.

HAPPY 100!!!

Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you great moms out their, especially my own. Mom, their aren't words to express my gratitude for you. I love you forever.

As for the little dude who I'm grateful gets to call me mom (well right now it's more like bleh-mba-mba-bleh)...a few photos...

(Mom, you're not allowed to look at them until you've opened your card :)

I took these photos for a mothers' day card and in an effort to get the reactions I was looking for, I ended up with a large variety of facial expressions that are so Ryder. I loved them all, but below are a few of my faves.

Summer Dayz

Since last summer was a bit of a wash, being very pregnant with no vacation days and all, Phil and I have made up our minds to have a totally awesome summer. Plus, Ryder is at a such a fun age so we really want to take advantage of this time. So, to kick-off our summer fun--the zoo, of course. Although, Ryder was more interested in the fence as opposed to the animals within the actual fence, we still had quite a bit of fun. Some of the high-lights: Seeing the mama gorilla with her baby, the orangutans, that picture of Ryder with that there snake and oddly enough some of the birds were really cool.

Long Term Goals

So lately I've been thinking a lot about future goals and aspirations and particular things I would like to do in my life. I think it's Spring season that does it to me. It makes me feel all hopeful and optimistic, like I can conquer the world! These goals, however, are looong term goals. Goals that need written down because they can easily be forgotten over time. Anyhow, here they are in no particular order: Scriptorian: I think I've mentioned this before, but I would really like to know the scriptures, particularly the Book of Mormon inside and out, I know there are great blessings that come with this and I don't want my knowledge of these great truths and my ability to teach them, to be limited because of the relaxed way I chose to study them through life. However, easier said than done. This is one of those goals I have to remind myself of often with the hope I'll be somewhere close to reaching it by the time Phil and I serve a mission :) Hair Stylist: Yes, people, I've always had a secret desire to go to beauty school. So right now, I'm thinking when my children are all enrolled in grade school, I'm going to enroll myself in beauty school. After I gain a clientel, I build a rad little salon in my house, garage, basement (whatevs) and cut hair! And I'll make my own hours! I am excited about this. My mom tells me she thinks I would be really good at this :) Dinner Party Thrower: I have seen or heard of some pretty, stinkin' cute parties in my day and I look at the clever person who came up with the great ideas, theme and creative party favors and I think, "how cute are they?" and I immediately want to be that cute. However, all of my few meager attempts at party throwing have failed miserably. Why? Because I don't have fun. It's expensive, I worry that no one will come, I'm not really equipped with the space to throw a rockin' party and I can't ever think of things that would actually make it cool. It's more like toss the paper plates on the table and with Papa Murphy's buffet style, and call it good. I know what you're thinkin..."Well then maybe party throwing isn't your cup of tea." But alas, the desire is there, so this is what I've decided: No parties, just dinner parties. I love eating and I love the art of fine dining. I would start slow, ya know, parties of 4 for now and as I slowly acquire the means (space, nice dinnerware...fun!, great recipes, etc.) for a great dinner party, I'll fine-tune my dinner-party throwing skills. For right now, I think this sounds fun. One day you'll be invited to one of my awesome dinner parties and you'll be like "Ah look, she did it. And what a fine dinner party it is." Cheers. (if for some reason it's still Papa Murphy's pizza buffet style , you are still allowed to think, "How cute is she?") Food Storage Expert: I have put this off long enough. I have used our current situation as an excuse that a 72-hour kit consisting of water and a lot of canned fruit (I can't help it. Fruit just always looks far more appetizing than that other stuff) is satisfactory. I would be lying if the shaky economy didn't help in spurring this newly found goal, but I'm going more with the attitude I'm doing it because I've been commanded to as opposed to the whole "the world's going to end" mentality. I've come up with a storage system that is going to work for our current situation and I would like to slowly acquire food (get good at the whole rotating thing) that we'd actually like to eat and that we'd actually know how to make while becoming informed as possible on the subject. So--if you've got any great food storage tips--let me know! Those are them, some more practical than others, but there you go.