We hope you had a lucky day!

Oh, hello, sun!


Although I'm uber excited to see more of the sun around here, I'd like to take a moment to say good-bye to that hour of sleep that disappears into space...or wherever.

Is it just me or do they keep moving Daylight Savings up earlier and earlier each year? And the more important point I wanted to make is, who in the heck is "They"?

The ITC (International Time Committee)?

The TDOPE (Time Deciders of Planet Earth) otherwise pronounced as Ta-DOE-pee?

On my very brief Google search on the topic I did find this interesting website on the subject. I'd look more into it myself, but time is awastin' this evening and I have got to go to bed.


*WARNING* Serious picture overload!

This last weekend we were very busy. Phil's family came to stay for Penelope's blessing and while they were here, we thought it would be fun to introduce Ryder to the slopes...while Penny and I went shopping :)

Here he is...
a natural on the slopes (or the base)

 Why ski in it, when you can eat it?!

It's time to get serious with a helmet (on backwards)

...and he takes the gold!

And then the big event for little P came on Sunday. Here are some of her in her blessing gown with the bonnet that I took a few days before.

Princess Penelope with an expression...

...and shoes to match

Here she is on her day with just her headband (these things are important, you know)

We had family come over before the blessing for a little get together and the lady of the hour got a smidgen here is her dad calming her down in that magic hold of his

Our first family photo with Penny Rae! (Isn't it sad I'm not more on top of this?)

Here she is with her beautiful treasure from her Nana
Baby Bug Ball~Shepherd's Bush Design, with personalized inscription: 
"Penelope Rae Shorten~ 12-18-2009 Love, Nana"
wrought by Tamara Salvesen 2009

And finally, I had been a little bummed because I hadn't gotten any really good pictures of just Pen and I. And, well, my children need those, so they have options for "The Picture"... you know,  the picture of me and them that they'll take with them after they leave home and lovingly frame and place by their bed side??? Well, I think these two make pretty good candidates for Penny's, if I do say so myself ;)



So yes, I may have woken up with my hair looking like this because I slept on it wet 

(our handsome little alarm clock in the background)
and yes, I may have discovered this morning I was wearing my nursing bra inside-out...
BUT for the first time since the birth of our little babe, I got a full, uninterrupted, consecutive, all together, 
8 hours of sleep!


and, AND it was Penny's first night in her crib
There are big things happening around here people. Big. Things. 


So I just realized that for the past few months I owe all of my simplified and boringly formatted posts to the fact that I had been writing under the "Edit HTML" tab (notice at the top of your text window the next time you write a  post). Duh

For months I have been dealing with coded photo inserts and a ridiculous inability to change the font, color or size of my precious words. I mean how many of my readers were lost because of this catastrophe? I have kept my problem a secret choosing to fight through the chaos of jumbled words and $ymb*ls, taking twice as long to write my inspiring entries, thinking the solution was complex and time consuming. No. In one second with a light click of the mouse mixed with an overwhelming feeling of sheepishness and voila! Problem solved.

I bring this to your attention so you don't unknowingly find yourself in tht mysterious,  hard-to-find "Compose" tab's neighbor wondering what happened to your treasured posting liberties.

You'll thank me later...okay probably not.