*WARNING* Serious picture overload!

This last weekend we were very busy. Phil's family came to stay for Penelope's blessing and while they were here, we thought it would be fun to introduce Ryder to the slopes...while Penny and I went shopping :)

Here he is...
a natural on the slopes (or the base)

 Why ski in it, when you can eat it?!

It's time to get serious with a helmet (on backwards)

...and he takes the gold!

And then the big event for little P came on Sunday. Here are some of her in her blessing gown with the bonnet that I took a few days before.

Princess Penelope with an expression...

...and shoes to match

Here she is on her day with just her headband (these things are important, you know)

We had family come over before the blessing for a little get together and the lady of the hour got a smidgen here is her dad calming her down in that magic hold of his

Our first family photo with Penny Rae! (Isn't it sad I'm not more on top of this?)

Here she is with her beautiful treasure from her Nana
Baby Bug Ball~Shepherd's Bush Design, with personalized inscription: 
"Penelope Rae Shorten~ 12-18-2009 Love, Nana"
wrought by Tamara Salvesen 2009

And finally, I had been a little bummed because I hadn't gotten any really good pictures of just Pen and I. And, well, my children need those, so they have options for "The Picture"... you know,  the picture of me and them that they'll take with them after they leave home and lovingly frame and place by their bed side??? Well, I think these two make pretty good candidates for Penny's, if I do say so myself ;)



  1. Don't you love just about anyone in white? Penny looks to pretty. I love the family picture and I think you just look adorable. Thanks for sharing. Ryder is growing up so fast! :(

  2. She looks soooooooo pretty! I love the bonnet and the headband and the shoes and the dress...ok all of it. And the pictures of you two are priceless.

  3. What an adorable little family you have. Penny is a doll and looked so beautiful in her blessing dress. I can't believe Ryder went skiing- what a big kid!

  4. Great pictures. Xander has the same little church suit as rider. I love those blue pin stripes. Super cute family.

  5. 1. Your hair looks fantastic!!!
    2. I love that picture of Penny in her dress. What a great expression. :)
    3. Ryder looks awesome out there! We tried to get Abby to ski, but it looks like she may have inherited the weenie gene from me. :/

  6. Thanks for sharing so many pics! Your bangs look great by the way. Penelope has the cutest smile!

  7. Oh Jasmine she is a doll! What a little sweetheart! And way to go Ryder on the skiing!

  8. She is beautiful! I love the way she holds her pretty dress with one hand--a real lady. You look so pretty, too.