So I just realized that for the past few months I owe all of my simplified and boringly formatted posts to the fact that I had been writing under the "Edit HTML" tab (notice at the top of your text window the next time you write a  post). Duh

For months I have been dealing with coded photo inserts and a ridiculous inability to change the font, color or size of my precious words. I mean how many of my readers were lost because of this catastrophe? I have kept my problem a secret choosing to fight through the chaos of jumbled words and $ymb*ls, taking twice as long to write my inspiring entries, thinking the solution was complex and time consuming. No. In one second with a light click of the mouse mixed with an overwhelming feeling of sheepishness and voila! Problem solved.

I bring this to your attention so you don't unknowingly find yourself in tht mysterious,  hard-to-find "Compose" tab's neighbor wondering what happened to your treasured posting liberties.

You'll thank me later...okay probably not.

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  1. I will thank you now...even though I don't know what you are talking about. I wish I did, cause this post rocked! Nice emphasis in all the right places! I will have to try and figure out how you did that.