Happy New Year from the Seaside!

We spent the last day of the year roaming the beaches by Magnolia, WA. This particular beach had a historic lighthouse that was quite beautiful.

 We ate a lunch and played by the beach, while we waited for others to hike up. (We drove :)

 In the grass :)

Throwing sticks...

 Hands in pockets (it was cold!)...

 ....at sunset. Holding hands.

Definitely, not a bad way to end a very blessed year.

A Story

So the other night we all went tubing. At a place that looked like a super-enlarged verson of the ride, "The Slides" at the county fair.

Fun was had by all.

Some may have thought it was bliss.

I mean who doesn't like sliding around in a big, inflated, rubber tube?

And for some pulled around the rest of the time.

A definite thumbs-up good time.

Holy Smokes!

I'm not sure if you noticed, or not, but a whole month has passed by and Christmas is in like two days! Eeek! It's tricky being a parent during Christmas. I'm still struggling to find how to make it magical for the kiddos while teaching them the true meaning, and I can't help getting a smidge overwhelmed and stressed out by this task. And before I know it, I turn around, Christmas is here once more! It's funny how it does that.  Here are a few things we've been up to:

 -Our ward Christmas party, bunco party, and sadly, a good-bye party for some good friends of ours. (They're dropping like flies, I tell ya!)

-Got everyone their flu shot

-Had a Facetime date with Nana & Pompa to open presents from them.

-Visited 'ol NYC for Phil's work party, which included a Santa visit and a stop at Rockafeller Center to see the tree.

-Took a SEVEN hour flight from NJ to Seattle (who woulda thought it was that long) for some Christmas and family fun. We're (perhaps foolishly) doing presents here. I had mostly everything shipped here in advance. I'll let you know how it goes....{nervous laugh}

- Finally, we had a beautiful, delightful little girl turn two years-old right before our very eyes. Oh we love our Penelope.

  Oh. nooow I can see why this month went by so fast.