{I bet you never thought of using your Caboodle like this}
Ryder just turned 18 months and I feel like its an exponential turning point in the learning department for him and for probably most babies of that age. New words pop out of his mouth every day, barriers do not exist in his world anymore and I feel like he can understand pretty much most of what Phil and I say to him. It's really fun to watch him absorb his world. One thing Ryder is quite good at is pointing to his facial features (ex. "Ryder, where's your ears?" [He points to his ear]). However, sometimes when he's not focused he can get confused and when asked to point to his eyes he points to his nose instead. Understandable, right? Plus, it's close. Well, another skill that keeps increasing is his ability to copy our actions. I'm talkin' I'll stand on the bed once and the term "sit on your bottom" goes out the window. So you see, I just can't quit laughing to myself when I think of the last two times I've put in my contacts I've noticed Ryder intently staring at me with his finger up his nose.


During Ryder's nap time today I was browsing Etsy.com and came across these cool, funky letters made from either copper or aluminum. I think I prefer the copper myself. Anyhow, I want to get an eclectic collection of significant letters and numbers (ie. P, J, S, R, '05 ) to mix into one of my main wall hangings one day. For only $20, this one might be a winner...


It all started when I moved to Seattle and visited my first Starbucks. I never really had a need to visit Starbucks being the non-coffee drinker that I am. But you move to a place where there is one every 20 feet, and naturally you're bound to hit one for lunch every once in awhile. You become accustomed to their hot chocolate, caramel apple cider, steamed milk and other sans caffeinated beverages. They also have a decent spread of pastries and sandwiches and on this particular day, I waddled my pregnant self in and saw a brown molasses cookie the size of my head staring right back at me. What joy. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Well, now I don't run into many opportunities to do lunch at SB anymore, being a stay at home mom 'n all, so a few weeks ago I googled Starbucks molasses cookies and viola! (how do you spell that?) Up came the recipe. Man, I love technology. And the best part is...they really taste like the real thing. Chewy on the inside, sugary crisp on the out...ahhh. Anyhow, I love it when you can make some favorite item from the restaurant right in the comfort of your own home and usually for a fraction of the cost.


We hope you have a LOVELY day!


I'm not going to sit here and pretend all of you haven't been just waiting with excitement to see some more of our holiday photos, which is why even in February, late is better than never, right?...maybe? {crickets} Anyhow, here are more snow pictures...and yes, I promise this is the last time I'll say it, it snowed in Seattle A LOT over Christmas. Notice how I didn't know how to wear a beanie that day...it's like its just lightly hovering over my head... Next we have Christmas day, which was pretty great. We opened presents. We ate...a lot. We took absurd amounts of photos in our Christmas jammies. Ryder had more toys than he knew what to do with and I surprised Phil with skis after sending him on a rather clever scavenger hunt, if I do say so myself. And finally, the best for last: Our what-would've-been Christmas card, had I been on top of it this year. The weekend before Christmas Phil and his grandpa made this really grande snow dragon. We, of course, took some more photos and ended up with this beauty--which was totally Christmas card worthy.
Don't worry, Ryder's aunt Carly is hiding behind the third hump to make sure Ryder doesn't fall off. {Click on images to enlarge}


My thoughts today are with my dear sister (in-law), Jaimie--as she enters the MTC!* Woot, woot!!! I am so excited and anxious for her as she starts this amazing journey. There is a definite spirit and blessing that comes to having a missionary in the family and I'm grateful I get to be a part of it. There is no doubt she is going to change lives for the better. Those lucky Slovenes! I sure will miss her. *The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Training Center


Woah, talk about blogger's block! Sorry, I just don't know what to say. Really...get it? Ha! Anyway... I owe a lot to my sister, Autumn. Who got me my job at Taco Time when I turned 16? Autumn! Who helped make cheerleader in high school? Autumn! Who then, got me yet another job in college? Autumn! Who won me $100 in a radio contest because she got to enter in a friend's name along with her own? Autumn! And last, but not least, who, as a Domino magazine subscriber gave me her free guest subscription? Autumn! Man, I love her. It's such a cool interior design magazine. So many different styles and it makes me want to be all sorts of creative. Unfortunately, I hear it's going out of print, but I shall enjoy the issues I do get!