Woah, talk about blogger's block! Sorry, I just don't know what to say. Really...get it? Ha! Anyway... I owe a lot to my sister, Autumn. Who got me my job at Taco Time when I turned 16? Autumn! Who helped make cheerleader in high school? Autumn! Who then, got me yet another job in college? Autumn! Who won me $100 in a radio contest because she got to enter in a friend's name along with her own? Autumn! And last, but not least, who, as a Domino magazine subscriber gave me her free guest subscription? Autumn! Man, I love her. It's such a cool interior design magazine. So many different styles and it makes me want to be all sorts of creative. Unfortunately, I hear it's going out of print, but I shall enjoy the issues I do get!


  1. You are funny. I still cannot tell you how sad I am it's going out of print. I look forward to it all month. I'm thinking I might have to buy the book to help me overcome my sadness.

  2. boo. believe me when i say there was a tear!