Five is a Big Deal

I feel like somebody up in heaven snuck over to the VCR of My Life's Movie and pushed the fast forward button. For example: I'd like to tell you about Ryder's birthday that happened yesterday, but when I look at the calendar it says it was almost four weeks ago...!!! It's all a mean trick, I tell ya.

Anyhow, back to my boy's birthday. He did it. He turned FIVE! Five is a big one. Five is half a decade. Five is when they could actually go to Kindgarten (thankfully, I avoided that one by the skin of my teeth) Five is the age in which I have memories that I can remember to this day (scary thought--I've always been a parent who takes great comfort in realizing "oh good, my kid will probably never remember____" Unfortunately with Ryder, now all I can do is hope :)

Again, back to the boy. (I'm easily sidetracked today) So keep in mind Ryder's birthday came about three weeks after Hazel was born so when I asked him if he wanted a party with friends or a day to call his own with family, you can probably imagined I was doing cartwheels in my head when he chose a day with family. (I may or may not have thrown in going to a movie and McDonalds to seal the deal). Most of the kids his age have parties so I was worried he would think his birthday was totally lame, but I think we pulled it off!

Well, I had fun anyways...

Ryder's bedroom door decor

Dunkin' Donuts: the breakfast of birthday champions. His chair had 5 balloons! 

 Ryder had to find his birthday presents hidden around the house

With Penny's help, of course (she would give him hints)

 Someone was really excited about one particular  present

Who's birthday was it again?

Penny and Ryder at Micky D's

 Me with my big boy...I love that face, I love him

 And of course, the birthday cake!

Dear Ryder,
You are sweet and good. I feel so blessed that you are mine. Besides being such a help to me, your dad and your sisters, you are such an important part of this family and I don't know what I'd do without you. Love you forever. ~Mom