Just kidding. But products like the below PB glass drink dispenser really makes me want to throw the event of the season. I even love the little stool upon which the smaller one sits.


So I notice, most people like myself have a list of blogs that they perhaps don't have any connection to besides the fact that they really like reading these particular blogs because they're funny, entertaining or inspiring. Well, my such blogs fall under "Interests" over there in the right-hand column. Tonight I was updating know taking away blogs that I once thought I was interested in, but as it turns out, never read and adding some to my list that I have lately become enchanted with. During this process I noticed I usually don't venture into my friend's and family's "interest" blogs, because I don't have the time to check it out, find it interesting enough to read again, find again and then add it to my blog roll. Developing a relationship with a blog takes time, ya know? However, I love coming across a blog I find inspiring. So this is what I'm going to do: A) Share my favorite "interest" blogs with you along with a brief description as to why it has become such. This will hopefully give you a few leads as to what new blogs might be fun and interesting to you and... B) After seeing what type of blogs interest me, you might be so kind to share with me some of your favorite blogs that I might enjoy. C) Encourage you to write a "Blog Share" post, because, well, I for one, would think it was fun to see what you're interested in. Cool? Cool. Oh yeah! My favorite blogs! (almost forgot). Here they are. You can find the links over there to the right :) 1. HellomynameisHeather: This blog belongs to the famous fabric designer, Heather Bailey. Not only does it link you to her fabrics, paper, crafts and kits, but she talks about what she's working on, gives a freebie here and there, and can do some wicked-cool hair-dos. 2. Thimble: I was introduced to this blog from my friend Michelle, and it's a really fun arts & crafts blog that has projects or ideas for projects that even people like myself can do. 3. Jordan Ferney| Oh Happy Day: Maybe you all know of this one by now, but it's the sister of the famous Design Mom. She is more for inspiration since most of the stuff she does you'd need lots of supplies, an art degree and a bucket load of talent. Her specialty is letterpress (something I know nothing about) but her excerpts about life in downtown San Francisco graced with her personal style makes this blog quite fun. 4. Summertime Designs: I love this blog. If you're into digital scrapbooking or anything of that nature, this Arizona mom designs the most amazing stuff and then allows you to download it for free! (For personal use, of course and donations appreciated) 5. Cardigan Empire: Friends with the famous NieNie, this other Arizona blogger gives great fashion advice. It's informative, fun and useful if your interested in helping out your wardrobe and personal style. 6. A Room Somwhere: I don't know much about this blog other than she's another everyday mormon blogger mommy who posts really cool stuff from jewelry to clothes to decorating. It's a goody. 7. First Comes Love...Amorology: I can't even remember how I found this blog. I think my friend Jeanelle. Anyhow, it belongs to one of the most talented wedding planners I've ever seen. Holy smokes, if I ever know anyone getting married I'm directing them to this blog for ideas. Every wedding she does is more unique and different than the last. It's also fun to look at if you like pretty things and happy people in love. I'm also interested in cool graphic design blogs/site if you know of any, since some day, possibly in the eternities, I plan on being an amazing graphic designer:) Now, what are your favorite blogs?


And I'm finally beginning to feel a bit more settled. We've got a little ways to go with the unpacking and decorating, but slow and steady wins the race! For some reason, moving this time around has been so stressful...hmm...maybe its because we have twice as much stuff, or maybe it's because I'm 5 month pregnant, or maybe its because we're going back to school and trying to get a million administrative items in order...hmm...maybe that's why it's been a little more stressful than usual:) However, it feels great to be back in Utah, more specifically the very familiar Happy Valley. So here are all the things that are wonderful about being back in Utah.
  • Family. I've seen my parents twice and my sister+fam 3 times in the short span of two weeks. Yup, I can do things like meet my sister at the mall, which I just did yesterday. And in a couple of weeks I get to go to my nephew's baby blessing. This is a luxury to me.
  • Mountains. I know Seattle was beautiful, but there is something about the mountains here that makes me feel like I'm home. Although they are the grandest here in Provo, I find the ones along my home town thru Ogden quite beautiful as well. However, I must say it is SO BRIGHT here. Could we get a little cloud coverage, please.
  • Shopping. Speaking of the mall, they have a Shade discount store, a Deseret Book with Vera Bradley bags and cute frabrics, kiosks selling really cute diaper bags AND...
  • The BYU Bookstore. I went there today for the first time since arriving in Provo and my mood noticably changes whenever I enter it's beautiful doors.
  • Good Things Utah. I remembered this morning I had the pleasure of viewing some of Utah's cheesy morning shows. Yet, however cheesy (this morning David Osmond co-hosted) they're rather informative & entertaining.
  • Trying to make my built-in-the-50's-remodeled-in-the-70's home cute. Love the extra space and the fact I have to walk two feet outside my door to throw away a dirty diaper but it will require some creativity on a budget to decorate. I'd like to think I'm up for the challenge.