Welcome to the world little boy! My sister, Autumn gave birth to a healthy, 8lb 6 oz baby yesterday. Here are some photos of our new little friend. I think mommy is looking exceptionally beautiful as well.

{he's a little blue because he came out so stinkin' fast! But Autumn will have to tell you all about that}

We love you, Jared!

Bag Tag!

I thought this tag was a rather brilliant idea because I love bags. Thanks Randi for tagging me! I actually have a serious bag fetish and usually can come up with a great rational if it means getting a new bag. Here is this one's story: After having Ryder, I thought I'll just put my wallet, keys and cell phone in the diaper bag and give up on a purse for awhile. Finally, my inner-yearnings for this accessory I value as much as my Internet surfaced (plus, carrying around the essentials got annoying when I went some where without a baby) and I ended up with this fine little (I'm usually a rather big bag gal) bag here. I figure it's small enough to carry around my necessities and I can carry it with my diaper bag and not feel like I have everything with me but the kitchen sink. I just got this baby and Target and have found I really like a good gray bag.

Its contents:
- Some change
- My cell phone
- My keys
- A pen
- Some gum
- A baby blinky (of course)
- Debit card, gift cards, insurance cards and other various forms of ID (don't worry ladies, they weren't swimming around in there free style, they had a nice pocket they fit into)
- B&BW lipgloss, lancome lipgloss (my favorites), lipstick-mauvette, and cherry ice chapstick (my preferred choice of lip-wear so I can kiss Ryder whenever I wish)
- Color swatches, because you never know when you'll want to repaint your bedroom
-And of course, a little pile of random trash

Now I tag, Autumn!! (after you have your baby), Jeanelle & Bonnie

Movie Review

Since Ryder was born, Phil and I don't go see movies very much, so we usually catch them as rentals. Tonight we chose to watch The Nanny Diaries. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I was going to and that was going in with pretty good expectations. Besides being cleverly written, it has a lot of great truths about parenting. This is a great pick for those of you who haven't seen it yet. Apparently, it was a book first, I'll have to look into reading it.

Holy Smokes!

Its been awhile. Goodness, like a whole week since I've posted last. I don't know where the time went. I feel the only way to get back on track is to do another purge of thoughts. 1. I LOVE Skittles. Berry flavored Skittles especially. I just finished a pack of them. Mmm, mmm. 2. My take on the Grammy's: I like Alicia Keys. What is the big to-do with Amy Winehouse? I heard her music for the first time that night along with her reputation and I'm still trying to figure out how she walked away with three Grammy's. 3. I need to register to vote before November. I'm surprising myself because I think I'm going over to the D side and backing Obama. I'm not a fan of McCain and I really, really don't want Hillary to win. 4. So back to cutting my hair. I couldn't bring myself to writing an entire post about it because that would make me sound shallow, so I'm disguising it amongst these random thoughts. I was dead set on going short--like jaw line to mid neck short--but when I told someone I was thinking of doing this they gave me a look like I just told them I was going to shave my head. I don't know why its such a big deal. In fact, I think planning to do it is half of the excitement. Anyhow, see my anonymous poll. 5. Ryder starts solids soon. I'm pretty excited, but I think if he knew it was coming, he would be the very most excited. For a month now, he has been completely fascinated with anything Phil and I put in our mouths. 6. My mom gets radiation treatment on Friday and I just have to say I think she is amazing. For those of you who don't know, she got thyroid cancer and is now fighting off its remains through nasty radiation treatment. Besides the sheer exhaustion, quarantined period and long recovery, the prep for this event has been just as bad. However, here attitude through it all has been upbeat and inspiring and she is one of the strongest and bravest people I know. We estimate she'll be feeling more like herself in a couple of months, so here's to the best spring ever! 7. On the familial note, I have a really cool brother and sister. With my sister due with her second baby in less than two weeks and a brother who is currently juggling crazy, stressful events (graduation, the bar, job search to name a few), I hope you know how wonderful I think you both are. Compared to the rest of my family, I feel like Phil and I are on easy street. 8. Finally, I figured out my favorite oatmeal combo. 1/4 C Oatmeal, 1/2 C of Skim Milk 1 Dwallop of Peanut Butter, sprinkle sugar to taste. Not the most healthiest option, but we need protein too. I still want to try steel oats, because I hear they're rather good as well.


I knew there was a possibility that I was addicted to blogging. Anyhow, I found this quiz and although I'm pretty bad, after reading some of the questions, I've realized there is a lot worse. Have you ever heard of "live blogging"? Go ahead and take it to see how addicted you are... 74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

A Solution for Mom's Everywhere!

Forget the expensive Bumbo Chairs and Jumperoos! Just go to Home Depot and drop $2 for a Homer's All Purpose Bucket! (When they say "All Purpose" they weren't kidding)

{...or maybe not}

Not So Happy...

Cute, but not so happy.

{Phil taking a picture of a rather grumpy Ryder out in the foyer during church, with his cell phone}

I Think My Husband is Funny

So I was sitting here updating my "Connections" links and while I was thinking about the fun people I'm lucky to know and I told my husband, Phil, how I thought it was cool when married couples have names with the same first initial and I threw out an example, "Like Michelle and Mathew."

{a few seconds of silence}

Phil: "Well, you can always change your name to Phasmine, because I'm certainly not going to be Jill."