Right now light fluffy flakes are making an on and off appearance outside our house and blanketing the entire Seattle/Tacoma area. Every time it happens, this show sends me off into a whirlwind of feelings. First, magical wonderment. When I open my eyes and see unusual light pouring through my window, I know why. I peek out to see a fresh, sparkling, untouched blanket. Enough excitement runs through me to wake me up and push me out of bed. I try to share this brief feeling with my baby while pointing outside and repeating in a baby voice, "snow!", "snow!". Second, fear. We switch on the morning news to get the riveting details on the effects this beauty is causing us. Roads closed, car accidents, WDOT isn't enough to go around, freezing temperatures... Third, cozy. Realizing none of us are headed anywhere I feel like turning on the fire, making waffles and watching Elf...right up until Phil tells me he still has to work. (whatever). Fourth, disappointed. I'm beginning to remember all of the things we need to do or want to do that day that are either work or holiday related and I start thinking how they'll need to be postponed until later. Fifth, safe. I realize how blessed we are to have everyone safe and sound in our nice warm home that is conveniently within walking distance to Albertsons :) Good luck to everyone enduring/enjoying the elements!


Hey all, I am really excited because I've almost got all my Christmas shopping done. Wahoo! Hopefully, I'll be left over with enough time to figure out anything I forgot or to put on any finishing touches that fit in the budget. I know gifts have a huge materialistic side, but I love them. I love that I get to give them and is it bad to admit I love getting them? But it's this nice big cycle of giving and it's fun. There is nothing better than getting someone something they really wanted. On that note I'm wondering if I've gotten Ryder enough Christmas gifts? First, of all he doesn't really know what's going on, but I wonder should we spend as much on him as Phil and I spend on each other? Is it bad if we don't? Should you take into the adult gift$:childgift$ ratio? I just don't know... Anyhow, on to "Christmas Favorites: Books Edition". All through growing up my mom collected these great Christmas books. Typically children's books with beautifully illustrated pages. When we got out the Christmas decor, a major high-light was bringing up the "Christmas media" box where all these books, movies and music lived for the rest of the year. My mom now has an amazing collection that I hope to match as my children grow up. So many Decembers I'd either read them before bed or by the sole lights of the Christmas Village (yet another one of my mom's amazing collections). I highly reccommend all these books for your personal collection. And this isn't all my favorites, since I only have room and time for a few, here are my tops. Let me know if you want any more good suggestions. Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect by Richard H. Schneider: Sooooo good. I love, love this one. It's an "olden times" tale, if you will, about the importance of inner beauty. It makes me tear up thinking about it. The Other Wise Man, Henry Van Dykes version: This is the book that somehow became "the book" ya know the book you read on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve my family has an FHE/program of sorts where we all do something and then we bear our testimony of Christ (love it). Well either my brother or my sister would always be in charge of reading "The Other Wise Man". Such a great story about being like the Savior...although I do remember one year my siblings and I getting profuse giggles about the phrase "nodding poppies"...I dunno. Sorry, mom. My sister got this book for me last Christmas. Isn't she great? The first of my personal collection! The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry: I can't find illustrations from the one my mom has, but this one is close enough. I know there are a lot of versions to this classic tale, but the one I grew up reading had a red cover with a matching case with Jim, Della, the chain, the combs and that dreaded cutting hair scene. The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen: This classic was one of the first books my mom ever bought, which is why I think it's one of my favorites. The Forgotten Carols by Michael McLean: I'm not the biggest fan of Michael McLean, but I really loved this story and the music that went along with it. What are your favorite Christmas books?


So my friend, Jeanelle, posted a bunch of here Christmas favorites. I thought it was a rather fun idea, so I thought I'd do the same starting with movies. White Christmas: The dancing is AMAZING and the romantic, charming storyline doesn't get any better than this. My sister, mom, cousins, and aunt have watched many times together, which is probably one of the main reasons I love it so much. We get a kick out of how small and then cinched Vera-Ellen's (plays Judy) waist is. {A little movie trivia: I actually read that she suffered from anorexia and they made her entire wardrobe for the movie include turtlenecks to hide her aging neck that was apparently a side-effect of the disease. By my, my that woman can dance.} P.S. It's all the housekeepers fault! A Muppet's Christmas Carol: Somehow it became "The Movie". You know, the one you watch every Christmas Eve after opening your new jammies. Love it. Favorite take on the famous Christmas tale. It's quite funny too. Lots of memories tied up in this one. A Christmas Story: I always hated this one when I was younger. I thought why does everyone like this old fashioned movie with a boring grown-up voice in the background? Then, my sense of humor developed. It's not Christmas until you've watched this movie at least once. Elf: Although newer to the mix, it easily falls into the favorite category. There is also "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Santa Clause" and not to mention the great (albeit sometimes cheesy) Hallmark and ABC Family movies. Really try and catch "A Boyfriend for Christmas" (cheesy, but good) and "A Silent Night" (This year's new favorite. Even Phil liked this one).


Dear Santa, I think I've been a pretty good (decent) girl this year, so it would really help me out if, maybe, I could find a few of the below items underneath my tree Christmas morning...
  1. Batteries. I always need batteries for the many baby toys, clocks and remotes going dead around here.
  2. A custom-made barrier to keep my baby boy from getting in the kitchen that is perhaps a little more discreet than the kitchen table/toy chest combo we've got going on right now.
  3. Another one of those for our glass fireplace cover that can get up to 300 degrees. I miss my cozy winter fires.
  4. A kitchen sprayer...ours broke, which would usually mean I would just choose not to use it...if it weren't for the problem being that is the only place water will come out of. It's April Fool's day every day around here!
  5. Diapers & wipes
  6. Plastic sheet covers
  7. Tweezerman Tweezers
  8. Nair
  9. A bra or two...or three or four
  10. A label maker
  11. A chia pet...(just joking, Santa)
Thanks & Merry Christmas! Always a Believer, Jazzy


Goodness me, where does the time go? I miss blogging and for some reason have found it hard to find the time to do so these last couple of weeks. I never posted a Happy Thanksgiving. I never posted about all the things I was grateful for. I forgot our camera over Thankgiving so there are no pictures to post. AND I colored and cut my hair without mentioning a word of it to any of you (miracles happen). What's my problem? I think a lot of it has to do with the holidays. Besides a busier schedule I feel as though my creative energies are used up through other outlets... and perhaps a bit of laziness. Anyhow, no matter the reason, here is a list of some of the things we've been up to along followed by a list of the things I am terribly grateful for: What we've been up to...
  • First of all, Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving with Phil's parents and little sister, Jaimie. We drove up to Whistler, BC to go skiing. We spent most of Wednesday evening in the car. Ryder was a great sport for the 5 hour drive both ways. We spent most of Thursday attempting the slopes. A little more drama then we had hoped for...lets just say taking it involved searching for a never-existing lodge that only got us stuck with Ryder atop a freezing cold moutain. Again, he was a trooper. I felt horrible. There was a lack of planning on our part that made a bunch of tiny mistakes accumulate into a one big one. I hope I never have to see Phil skiing while holding one of our babies again. (We are very blessed Phil could ski in his sleep if he had to and that Ryder fell asleep during the whole thing. But still...)
  • Once we had arrived safely back to the bottom Phil's parents took us to a Thanksgiving buffet at the Hilton which was delicious and returned back to our condo to watch a couple of movies in good old Thanksgiving fashion. The next day, we scoped out Whistler Village where it started snowing BEAUTIFUL big snow flakes and then started our journey home.
  • Saturday morning (the very next day) we were up bright and early to go to the temple. Jaimie (Phil's little sister) received her endowments. She reports to the MTC February 4 to start training for a her mission in Slovenia. It was one of my more memorable visits to the temple. Great morning.
  • The rest of this week I was busy practicing to sing and play at our Relief Society enrichment party on Tuesday (by myself) and for a ward Christmas party this morning (with the band). Tuesday went okay, although I felt it wasn't my best, but I was a lot more nervous than usual for some reason. Today's gig went great. Things always go smoother when your relaxed and having fun.
I am grateful for...
  • My boys. Oh they are cute and wonderful. Last night I wasn't feeling well, so I just sat there on the couch watching them both as Phil fed Ryder dinner and got him ready for bed and thought to myself how rather lucky I am. I'm smitten with them both.
  • Family. Oh how I missed my family over the holidays!!! Phil and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families.
  • The temple.
  • Elder Wirthlin. Many of his words have had a great impact on me. One of my favorite quotes is "Kindness is the essence of a celestial life".
  • Our home and other wants and necessities.
  • Christmas!
  • Health and happiness
  • Our ward
  • Blogging
Well, that's just a few anyhow. A belated Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!