Dear Santa, I think I've been a pretty good (decent) girl this year, so it would really help me out if, maybe, I could find a few of the below items underneath my tree Christmas morning...
  1. Batteries. I always need batteries for the many baby toys, clocks and remotes going dead around here.
  2. A custom-made barrier to keep my baby boy from getting in the kitchen that is perhaps a little more discreet than the kitchen table/toy chest combo we've got going on right now.
  3. Another one of those for our glass fireplace cover that can get up to 300 degrees. I miss my cozy winter fires.
  4. A kitchen sprayer...ours broke, which would usually mean I would just choose not to use it...if it weren't for the problem being that is the only place water will come out of. It's April Fool's day every day around here!
  5. Diapers & wipes
  6. Plastic sheet covers
  7. Tweezerman Tweezers
  8. Nair
  9. A bra or two...or three or four
  10. A label maker
  11. A chia pet...(just joking, Santa)
Thanks & Merry Christmas! Always a Believer, Jazzy


  1. you are so sticken funny i just love to read your blog it always makes me smile thank you

  2. JAZZY!! Wow, how wonderful to see you in the blogging world....hahaha I found you on Brit's blog! How are you doing?! Your family is beautiful!!!!!