A Few Thoughts

  • I feel as though I've had nothing to blog about
  • I then realized, I do, but I just don't consider them "fun" thoughts or worthy of blogging, but here they are anyway.
  • Exercise. I don't like it. Every day I get up and ask myself "When am I going to exercise today?" And many time instead of just doing it, I spend that time figuring out an excuse not to do it. I need to figure out how to make it a daily routine, like brushing my teeth. I don't necessarily enjoy brushing my teeth, but it's okay and it has to be done.
  • Did any of you watch LOST last night? I thought those explanatory subtitles were hilarious.
  • I am highly convinced Ryder is going through a growth spurt. He sleeps quite a bit and he is looking like a string bean.
  • So our Relief Society is doing this "Feel Great in 8" program (don't let the 8 confuse you for the year. It's there because the program is only 8 weeks long). It comprises of exercise, eating good foods and other things that promote healthy living. It's based on a point system and teams. I've done it one day and have found it very motivating. I'm even eating
  • oatmeal. My first bowl of plain old oatmeal from the cylinder container with milk and some sugar and honey. Not bad, however 1 cup oatmeal is A LOT of oatmeal. Let me know if you know of other great/healthy ways to eat oatmeal.
  • I finally decided I'm going to cut my hair. Short. This is a big deal and pretty much deserves its own post a little later on.
  • I'm going to slowly start redecorating my room. Some decluttering and organization is in order first.
  • I really need to call the Phillips Electronics because our remote to our DVD player doesn't work and you wouldn't think it, but it's causing us a lot of problems. I'm thinkin' if they have any marketing sense at all they'll send us a new remote free of charge and hassle.
  • Speaking of good customer service, did I tell you I got my Comcast bill lowered $30 the other day. Yeah, just because I called and told them that price was no longer working for me.
  • Another cool thing I did that day...fixed my vacuum. I still feel pretty cool about the whole thing. Why it was broken in the first place? Too much of my hair got caught in the brush so the belt couldn't rotate. (Another reason for me wanting to cut my hair.)
  • This blog has turned into an throw-up of thoughts. I must stop now before I divulge any more personal information. Because as you can see, I live a rather fascinating life.


  1. You're going to cut your hair short? Holy cow! I would recommend doing it in stages (like check out the length of Megan M's hair on Sunday.) What if you cut it as short as Sheryl's and then hate it??? Scary! Vacuum: Yay for you! I'm so proud of you for fixing it. I read somewhere that we're supposed to cut the strings that get on the roll-y thing because that will lengthen the life of the vacuum. Never do it. Probably should. And WAHOOO about Comcast! You are my inspiration! Lost tonight! I'm sooooo excited!

  2. I feel as though my cable is too expensive...and grouchy because of prego cramps. This might be the best time for me start a brawl with the cable people. I love your hair short. You look pretty no matter what you do. And I love my vacuum. I use it way to much. It's currently my only form of exercise.

  3. Tyler6:38 AM

    I have short hair and I like it that way :). As far as exercise goes it just plain sucks. The only way to do it is to make someone do it with you, or to start slow and work your way up, then it is not so bad. I like eating oatmeal. Most of the time I am too lazy to make any. I heard once if you put peanut butter in it it is good. I tried it and about hurled. Your best bet is to add a little salt in the boiling water with a little sugar. It is still probably a lot healthier than buying presweetened stuff. As far as cable goes, we long ago forgot what that was. I really only miss ESPN and watching Saved by the Bell reruns on TBS in the mornings while I eat breakfast. We have the bunny ears, and we get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, TELEMUNDO, WB, and a local station. It is all free, so that is good, we did buy an amplified antenna, but it was a one time purchase. As long as we get Sesame Street and Super Why!, we are good to go. I just need to figure out a way to get ESPN. That is all. What a long response, geez.

  4. i loved this blog! simply hilarious! how much was your cable? my internet is 30, should i go and argue with them? as far as oatmeal goes...my secret is i boil it with enough water that it will make is cook and then i add a lot of milk. then i lightly butter my toast and spoon oatmeal onto the toast and eat the toast. way yummy. although when i was pregnant i ate 4 toasts! thus the huge heffer that i was. as far as exercising goes...def do it with a friend. im not one who should preach but this is the first time that i have exercised and somewhat enjoyed myself. i exercise with a friend....two birds with one stone:exercise and some fun friendly adult talk. i go m, w, f. as for the short hair. love the idea. it seems as if a line cuts are the best for almost everyone! i think it will go great on you! the end.

  5. My hands-down favoritest oatmeal on the planet is: Boil 2 c water with 1 c milk. After it comes to a boil, add 1 c steel-cut oats (not rolled. This is the Scottish and Irish original oatmeal.) Let boil 1 min uncovered, then cover for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. You can add raisins or other dried fruit halfway through if you like. At the very end, stir in 1 t of vanilla or almond extract, 2 T brown sugar (more to taste), any cinnamon you want. Fresh fruit is always delicious, too. I like to use Brummel and Brown in place of butter. Definitely a weekend thing -- you'll need 2 people to eat it and, even then, you won't be hungry 'til lunch.

  6. OOooo, I love the comments! Thanks you guys for your oatmeal advice! I think I'm going to go cook some right now ;)

  7. Do share your Comcast bill-lowering tips! We tried calling Comcast and complaining about the price (introduction price was over) and they wouldn't give us the time of day!

  8. Hey Jazzy,
    I will sometimes just put A Lot of cinnamon in oatmeal, just to give it some sort of taste without sugar. You could also buy Splenda and add some of that to it. There are no calories in it, it is made from sugar, and tastes pretty good. Not as great as the real stuff, but it works. So, I really like my hair short. You did a blog once about cutting your hair and had pics of your hair from certain celebs and you had one of Jennifer Lopez. I used that one as my hair do, although I cut it back in June. I think you look cute with short hair, so go for it!! It's also easier to take care of with a little boy around.

  9. Jasmine! You cannot cut that beautiful hair -- from someone who can't grow their's long... Exercise, I can only do it consistently if I have a class to go to. I just don't do too well on my own. Steve used to invite me to go running with him. I hate running, he doesn't ask me anymore. If you can swing it in the budget, I like the health clubs and a lot of them have a child care center too, which helps. I worked at the child care center at one of them for about 8 years -- Phil grew up there, ask him about it sometime...

  10. Hi to you too, Jasmine! I'm glad you found my other blog because there's not a lot happing in the travel dept. My recommendation for oatmeal: with chocolate chips in cookies. :) I can't stand the regular stuff!