So one might find it funny, ironic, totally lame...I dunno, you choose, that my previous post was about how much I love the rain and now I'm sitting here wondering whether I should blog about Ryder's birthday or our recent hurricane...

I decided to go with the birthday :) I'll post about the hurricane later, but to anyone who is interested. We're fine. We were some of the worse ones off in the area as far as loss of utilities, with no power for 18 hours (back on now) and no water (still waiting on that one). But we're definitely better off than a lot of other people who were in Irene's path.

Now, back to Ryder's birthday. I love this boy and wanted to give him a day he loved, so on his birthday, I just tried to fill it with his most favorite things.

1. Waffles for breakfast. We actually eat waffles for dinner most of the time in our house, so he was a bit confused as to why we were having dinner for breakfast, but quickly adpated and rolled with the punches.

2. Friends. We were going to have a little birthday play date at the park, but thanks to some rain (and some flexible friends), we had a birthday lunch with some our favorite people.

3. Cousins. Some of Ryder's little cousins called him to sing him happy birthday. I loved watching his face while he listened. We also got a few other special phone calls and Facetimes that day, which ryder loved.

4. McDonald's. After Daddy got home, we wanted to celebrate in style, so we went to any 4-year-old's favorite restaurant, Mickey-D's.

5. Ice Cream. Then after dinner we crossed the street to have some delicious ice cream at our favorite IC joint, Zita's. Yum, yum!

6. Candles and Presents. Of course. We sang to Ryder and he was finally able to open his present that he had been requesting for weeks.... a dragon. Who he lovingly named Sheena. We thought it would be fun to get him a dress-up knight costume to go with his dragon. Turns out, it was.

Ryder Roo, my love,
I can't imagine life without you! You are sweet and good and talking to you is one of my most favorite things to do. I keep catching little glimpes of the little boy you are going to turn out to be and although part of my heart breaks to see you getting so big, it's a joy watching you grow up. I love you!


So after living in Seattle for 3 years, my love for rain was confirmed. There is something about the rain that wakes up my soul and makes me feel cozy and safe. (unless driving in it :) So as you can imagine, I was pleased to discover that the Northeast gets a lot of rain too. However, there's a difference. I would decribe the Northwestern storms as consistent drizzling. Here: sporadic downpours. Is it bad of me to say (so far) I prefer the downpours? I can't help but loving the drama that comes with these storms that are often accompanied by glorious thunder. And thanks to that humidity, the rain here is warm and by golly, I like that too.

One thing I love about our new little place is that it has a front porch, so whether they want to or not, I make my kids come outside with me to watch the rain. Here are some photos we took of yesterday's storm while Penny was napping. It was a goody!

{and lastly, my overexposed photo of the rain that I thought was kinda cool}

Because of the climate, I have been informed there are a few items that are weather must haves for the Northeast.

 You would think we already owned an umbrella, but we don't. Phil prides himself on not needing because apparently, if you're from Seattle, people who need umbrellas in the rain are gomers, but I think for here, even he would make an exception. 

I'm totally using living here as a legitimate excuse to purchase some cute rain boots.

And finally, a down puffy coat. My friends tell me nothing else keeps you as warm as the down-puffy-coat to combat the freezing cold winters.

I guess I better go shopping {shoulder shrug}


Response to Letter 8/3/11
Dearest Autumn,

Thank you for your letter. I loved it. Things are really great here actually. I'm starting to feel like it's home. And enjoying the process of making it feel like it is. If you knew the hours I've put into planning how I want to organize and decorate it, you'd be embarrassed for me. But it makes me happy and distracted from the hard parts to moving clear accross the country, like missing my sister....

Unfotunately, this process of getting settled down has been keeping me so busy, that I forget to take pictures, or blog for that matter...but I did find this little gem:

You might recognize the little angel fact in this photo. It was one I took right before we left. Give her and the rest of your kiddos big hugs and kisses from me. I'll get to do it myself in a couple of weeks! 

I am currently relishing in the fact Ryder and Penny both taking naps. Ryder has almost, if not completely X-ed out the 'ol nap, but I'd be lying if toward the end of the week, that little fact is most evident in his shrieking eel reaction to everything he feels isn't completely just with the world. So it was one of those, go lay on on your bed and if you haven't fallen asleep in fifteen minutes, you can come downstairs--I haven't seen him since. Speaking of the boy, his birthday is coming up soon and I don't know what to do for it. I want to make it a big deal because I feel like he deserves a little extra attention--but at the same time I don't really want to throw him a party quite yet. Ideas, I need ideas! I do know what he wants, however. A dragon. In red, of course. 

As for Penelope Rae, it seems as though her cuteness increases so does her stinker streak. Currently, her favorite activity is climbing on top of the kitchen table, walking to the edge and yells, "shump! shump!" (jump, jump). The second I get within 3 feet, she, well, jumps. And yes, I've always caught her, but that doesn't take away from the fact that these incidents have taken five years off of my precious life.

I totally need to Pandora P&P music. I too shall listen to it while in the kitchen...making pb&j's. Also, I love you idea for your family picture colors. I can't wait to see them! Speaking of color, I just bought this chair at Target...eek! I'm a little nervous because the reviews online say the color is a bit greener and brighter than what it shows, but I kind of love it anyway. Sadly, it says it won't get here until September :( I think it's going to be for our playroom/office area. I'm trying to make it fun and bold--but a bit more sophisticated than your usual playroom. And by sophisticated I mean, a pretty playroom :) If you could just fly over here and help me figure out what to do with it that would be great. Thanks. 

Well, now the boy is awake and his episode of blessed Wild Kratts is almost over. 

I love you very much and miss you always.

Love your Savvy East Coast Sister (lol),



So there might be a small possibility that not only Phil, but myself as well,  completely spaced our anniversary.  Yesterday.

I had noticed a lot of people posting about their anniversaries and while I'm sitting there thinking, awh that's so nice, the day that commemorates our 6 years together just passes right on by.


Dear Phil, 

I am so grateful and happy for the life I have with you. 
So much so, I'm a little preoccupied with it :) 

I love you forever,

P.S. Don't you find this picture fitting?