So after living in Seattle for 3 years, my love for rain was confirmed. There is something about the rain that wakes up my soul and makes me feel cozy and safe. (unless driving in it :) So as you can imagine, I was pleased to discover that the Northeast gets a lot of rain too. However, there's a difference. I would decribe the Northwestern storms as consistent drizzling. Here: sporadic downpours. Is it bad of me to say (so far) I prefer the downpours? I can't help but loving the drama that comes with these storms that are often accompanied by glorious thunder. And thanks to that humidity, the rain here is warm and by golly, I like that too.

One thing I love about our new little place is that it has a front porch, so whether they want to or not, I make my kids come outside with me to watch the rain. Here are some photos we took of yesterday's storm while Penny was napping. It was a goody!

{and lastly, my overexposed photo of the rain that I thought was kinda cool}

Because of the climate, I have been informed there are a few items that are weather must haves for the Northeast.

 You would think we already owned an umbrella, but we don't. Phil prides himself on not needing because apparently, if you're from Seattle, people who need umbrellas in the rain are gomers, but I think for here, even he would make an exception. 

I'm totally using living here as a legitimate excuse to purchase some cute rain boots.

And finally, a down puffy coat. My friends tell me nothing else keeps you as warm as the down-puffy-coat to combat the freezing cold winters.

I guess I better go shopping {shoulder shrug}


  1. I agree, nothing compares to those New Jersey rainy summer days! When we used to visit my grandma when we were kids (she lived in East Brunswick) we would play out in the gutters in the rain with our big umbrella and no shoes -- I loved how warm the rain was!!!! So jealous that you have that as your home now!

    P.S. those rainboots, sooooo cute!!!!

  2. Tell Phil "boy" natives don't carry umbrellas but girl natives do. I have three cute umbrellas in my car right now so there. ;)

  3. Yes - the long, puffy coat and cute rain boots are a must! My kids prefer to wear theirs year-round, as you've probably noticed :)

  4. Seriously...I have like 5 umbrellas.
    I have been looking to get boots for a while now. I totally support the boot purchase.:-)

  5. humidity makes for the coldest winters ever! You totally need that cute coat.

  6. I prefer the Eastcoast down pours. You just "hunker down" and then its over.

  7. Don't break down, Phil! You're totally right on with this one. Show those folks what a real Northwesterner is made of. :)

    Love the porch.