So this last week while Phil was at a training for work, I decided to occupy my solitary time by finishing up Ryder's nursery. I'll admit I had quite a bit of fun with this. So-for my mom and others who might not ever see it, here are a few photos of this week's doings...

Changing Station-Here is his changing table and storage areas. My favorite is my first message board I made so I can easily show him all the people who love him (who he may not get to see as often as he likes :0)

Guest Rest- After much debate, we decided to leave the daybed in the room...making it yes, more crowded, but adding the a couple more sleeping places for guests (or late-nights). Plus, I got to order the bedding that matched Ryder's bedding (hee hee)

"R" for Ryder! - And of course, the little man's domain.


So it’s usually rather difficult for me these days to get embarrassed, but I’ll admit, today I had a blushing moment.

I went in for my monthly doctor appointment—very familiar with the drill now: take blood pressure, check weight and give urine sample. (First, I have to preface this by telling you I use the bathroom rather frequently these days. Besides having a strategically placed baby, I drink water like it’s going out of style. I can usually count on taking a trip to the restroom about once every hour. Because of this habitual act, I can do it without even thinking and I don’t like to boast, but I’m rather speedy.) So back to the urine sample… I go into the bathroom grab my cup and write my name on it with a little smiley face and head in the stall to take care of another thing I think I’ve become rather good at. Well, as I go to reach for the toilet paper, I realize I’m still staring at an empty cup in my hand. As a key element to a urine sample is remembering to give one, I had for one minute slipped into my ‘go to the bathroom mode’ and completely forgot about the original reason I was using the restroom with an empty plastic cup.

Of course, I quickly think to myself, “Now, what do I do?” Facing the realization there was nothing else to give; I tossed the cup and went on a search to find the nurse and tell him what I had done. Thinking, it wasn’t that big of a deal, it wasn’t until I uttered the actual words, “I forgot to pee in my cup” backed by an incoherent explanation of my “go to the bathroom mode” that I began to feel slightly embarrassed. Expecting to hear, “Oh that happens all the time” the nurse chuckled while telling me I could just give one on the way out.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I just want to send a Happy Birthday note out to my beautiful mom! I love you so much and hope you have an amazing day. Can't wait to see you soon!

Nesting Maddness!

With baby only seven weeks away, I find myself scrambling to get things ready for his little arrival. Although, sometimes overwhelming, I take great joy in this. I've ordered the rest of our furniture and baby bedding, I plan over and over how I'll decorate his room and I go thru my mind how I want everything from the tupperwares holding his toys to the positioning of his changing supplies on the changing table. After dozens of lists, I feel like we're making progress in this aspect, so now I've moved on to what I call the "Final Prep Stage" where the last two weeks before I'm due there are a certain number of things I want done and under control--house, spic and span; things ready for my mom; a little bag packed with things for the hospital; pediatrician, found; insurance, paperwork and all those tedious adult matters, done.

I would definetely call myself and organized person, but I was reading my trusty pregnancy books and found a term for my overwhelming burst of organization zealousness:

"Nesting: You may find yourself with an overwhelming urge to nest," (and continues to describe me to a T).

Ohhhhh, and gee, here I thought I was just really on top of things. No, no...yes, I might be nesting, but I am an "on top of things" person still.

Well, then I get to work and feel strong desire to clean (like seriously clean) out my cube. I get done and while admiring my immaculate work space ask my co-worker, John, to admire my work as well and he just stares at me and says, "You're nesting. See I don't really notice such things, but it makes you happy so that's good."

So much for an admirer of my "on top of things" abilities.

Summer Time TV

Thanks to the season my TV viewing has decreased exponentially. I think the break is good, because my personal TV schedule was getting a little embarrassing. Now, instead of having something that needed viewing every weekday night, I only have things that need viewing Wednesday and Thursday...which brings me to my Summer 2007 TV Picks: So U Think U Can Dance: Why I love this show so much, I'll never know, but in my book it beats American Idol easily and pretty much any other show at this time. They are so good! If you are a fellow fan, let me know so I know who to share my thoughts with. P.S. If you watched last night, Benji? What in the tarnation was that? Traveler: This is a newbie I was slightly intrigued by the previews and decided to watch because I was bored. So far I have not been let down. It's like a conspiracy theory movie that doesn't end. So if you're looking for a good show to watch this summer, this would be my recommendation. Well, happy summer viewing along with other summer activities that are hopefully more active that watching TV :o)

Reunion in Boise

Here are some snap shots of our family reunion in Boise...

The girl crew: Bethany (& Samson), Harmony, Aunt Lancy (& Ruby), Mom, Me and Autumn

Autumn and I taking pictures of ourselves during Jackson and Eric's graduation.

Girls' Night Out! Woo woo!

Top: Us eating dinner at Macaroni Grill (As for the pregnancy status, I'm 30 weeks in these pics) Below: Finishing off our girls' night out at my Aunt Lancy's house.

Show and Tell!

Here is a little insight into what we've been up to the last couple of months.
Me posing as Emma for our Relief Society Birthday Party. I was going for her serious portriat (I guess all her portraits were serious...)
Here is the fireman helping us with our water invasion. (Yes, the firemen came because I dialed 911. Very speedy and nice. Kudos to the Kent Fire Department)

Exploring Seattle when Luke and Marissa came to visit.
Top: Marissa and Me
Below: Phil and Me