So this last week while Phil was at a training for work, I decided to occupy my solitary time by finishing up Ryder's nursery. I'll admit I had quite a bit of fun with this. So-for my mom and others who might not ever see it, here are a few photos of this week's doings...

Changing Station-Here is his changing table and storage areas. My favorite is my first message board I made so I can easily show him all the people who love him (who he may not get to see as often as he likes :0)

Guest Rest- After much debate, we decided to leave the daybed in the room...making it yes, more crowded, but adding the a couple more sleeping places for guests (or late-nights). Plus, I got to order the bedding that matched Ryder's bedding (hee hee)

"R" for Ryder! - And of course, the little man's domain.


  1. Wow!!! It looks great. Ryder will love it.

  2. It looks so cute! You and Ryder will both love it. So Cute! That bed might come in handy when you need a break yourself and don't have the energy to leave. I can't wait to see it in person. Fingers Crossed!