Nesting Maddness!

With baby only seven weeks away, I find myself scrambling to get things ready for his little arrival. Although, sometimes overwhelming, I take great joy in this. I've ordered the rest of our furniture and baby bedding, I plan over and over how I'll decorate his room and I go thru my mind how I want everything from the tupperwares holding his toys to the positioning of his changing supplies on the changing table. After dozens of lists, I feel like we're making progress in this aspect, so now I've moved on to what I call the "Final Prep Stage" where the last two weeks before I'm due there are a certain number of things I want done and under control--house, spic and span; things ready for my mom; a little bag packed with things for the hospital; pediatrician, found; insurance, paperwork and all those tedious adult matters, done.

I would definetely call myself and organized person, but I was reading my trusty pregnancy books and found a term for my overwhelming burst of organization zealousness:

"Nesting: You may find yourself with an overwhelming urge to nest," (and continues to describe me to a T).

Ohhhhh, and gee, here I thought I was just really on top of things. No, no...yes, I might be nesting, but I am an "on top of things" person still.

Well, then I get to work and feel strong desire to clean (like seriously clean) out my cube. I get done and while admiring my immaculate work space ask my co-worker, John, to admire my work as well and he just stares at me and says, "You're nesting. See I don't really notice such things, but it makes you happy so that's good."

So much for an admirer of my "on top of things" abilities.

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  1. That's hilarious that your co-worker commented. It makes me laugh.