First of all:


Although, I'd be lying if I didn't say I have already easily transitioned into the warm, grateful goodness of Thanksgiving...perhaps laced with a little Christmas cheer.

My goodness, October was busy! In some ways it went by so fast and in others--it went by oh, so slow. Because of it's busy state, I wanted to make sure I hit the high points that I lacked the time to do so before.

Phil's case competition in Nashville, TN! Below is a picture of him and his talented team. They worked very hard and spent a lot of time preparing for this. They did an awesome job and I'm very proud of him (and very happy to have him home and a little less stressed :)

The complex inner thoughts of brilliant business minds at work.

Phil did get a week off from school this month (due to everyone interviewing and attending job conferences) so what did we decide to spend our extra time doing? Getting Ryder off of his binky and getting Penny sleeping through the night!!! Don't envy me and more importantly, don't judge me :) We had great success on both accounts. For Ryder we held a "Bye-bye Binky" party, which was a smashing success. Penny Rae, I believe has a 6 out of 8 track record for sleeping a full 12 hours thru the night. We are so proud of both of them. (And if I'm being really honest, I'm proud of Phil and I too :)

We did our annual run to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point...oh wait, no we didn't, because it was raining cats and dogs. But since we were already there, we went to their Dinosaur museum instead, which was still pretty stinkin' fun. And all Halloween spirit wasn't lost because Ryder got to make a hat with a boingey pumpkin hanging off of it.

I feel like the expression on P's face is a good representation for how she feels about my 1000 kisses/day

Every year the MBASA (BYU MBA Spouse Association) throws a Halloween Party. It's typically one the bigger events of the year, which is saying something if you know this group. Being usually totally lame in participating in such things, I turned over a new leaf this year and joined the family committee. I'm still pretty lame, but I'm making small improvements in the right direction. Well, for our Halloween Party I was in charge of getting the candy for the carnival games and coming up with the prizes for the costume and pumpkin carving contests. This had to be done for approximately 400-500 people all on a budget. Compared to the ladies in charge of this,  I had the easy part. I purchased as much candy I could given our bugdet (about 21 lbs)  and made these "spooky" little prizes for the winners.
The Apple Cider and Root Beer labels I got here.

Finally, Halloween Night, or that Halloween Eve Night! Our theme for the kiddos this year was "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!" Ryder was Buzz Lightyear and Penelope was a Bumble Bee, or as my dad called her, a PeneloBee. We went to my sister's house in Eagle Mountain to trick or treat because it's a rockin' residential area perfectly designed for such festivities. Plus, it allowed the cousins to go trick-or-treating together. Despite wind and rain, this little Toy Story threesome (with the help of their cute dads) came back with a very respectable haul. The girls (minus Gracie, plus my dad) stayed inside answering the door and sipping hot cocoa :) It was a very fun evening filled with cozy, holiday fuzzies and good company. Just how I like 'em.
 Isn't my sister's house cute? More on this later.

 Enjoying the spoils of his victory, as any respectable Buzz Lightyear would.


We had our second official family photo shoot about a month ago. So far we've had one with every new child, which I think will be a realistic goal for me. Getting our family pictures taken every year, might just be far too ambitious.

With our last pictures done amidst the vibrant greens that are so symbolic of the Northwest, I wanted to make sure our photos were taken at a place that is special to the season we find ourselves in now. That's how I came up with BYU campus. Crazy and clever, I know. A place that is very meaningful to Phil and I for so many reasons :)

I'm finding a few gallery canvas print deals going on and want to jump on them before they pass me by, so I was hoping if you could help me decide.

The big family one will be one of the following two:

I would also like to get a pair of Ryder and Penelope. Which one do you think? Full-body or head-shots? Oh, and if you by chance are a Nana or a Grandma, please make your requests now :)

Here are some other fun ones. The ones of us inside are in the Tanner building (aka: Phil's second home)...

Photos taken by: Susan Monson


So--Dad--we're gonna have a good time.

Let's start with a big:
to, seriously, one of the best men I know.

And to get this party going, we're going to throw out a couple more of these:

And for the main event, the 55 reasons why I love you more than anything and why I am so grateful for this day.

1. I love that you are tall (See above photos). 6'6'' to be exact. You never had to act intimidating when dates came to pick us up, you just were ;)
2. But really, we all know you're a big softy at heart.
3. I love, that thanks to you, I'm tall too :)
4. Everyone who knows you, respects you.
5. I love that I look like you. To the point that if someone you knew saw me, would come up to me as ask if I was your daughter...and not just in Downey :)
6. You were the best Trick-or-Treating partner I ever had.
7. That you are on-time. To EVERYTHING.
8. You are so handsome. Every time I see President Uchtdorf  speak, he reminds me of you (again, see photo above.)
9. I swear you can fix or build anything.
10. You are the most responsible and dependable person I know.
11. I love your cooking.
12. Did I mention I love your cooking? I also love that you make me whatever I want when I come to visit.
13. You've been an example and an advisor to me in helping me to conquer hard things in my life.
14. From Rubbermaid bins full of my highschool memorabilia or my car, you have always been so great about storing stuff for me.
15. You're the best person to have a movie fest with.
16. I envy your organized food storage
17. You taught me that the only way to fix some things is with elbow grease.
18. Thank you for serving a mission
19. I love you for being the type of dad that after I drove home from the high school at 12:30 am, on a flat tire, you are a) standing out on the porch waiting for me (your fatherly radar was phenomenal) and b) had the flat tire fixed and taken care of before I woke up the next morning.
20. Because of you, I've been blessed to have access to a worthy priesthood holder my entire life.
21. Taught me the joys of classic rock
22. I'm so grateful to have you as an example to my son
23. You are one of the hardest workers I know
24. You never swear
25. You are a wonderful husband which allowed me to easily recognize what good husbands look like when it was time to find my own.
26. You taught me how to drive. A stick shift. Even if after we got home mom would ask us how it went. You would reply, oh fine, only to walk away and reveal a sweat mark that started at the nape of your neck an stretched all the way down to your lower back.
27. You are always working to become a better person.
28. Even though I've talked to both Phil and Autumn about partnering up with either of them to enter the Amazing Race. I've always thought in the back of my head, but if I really want to win, I'd go with dad.
29. I like your nose. And I'm glad (among many others) that it got passed to me.
30. I think your funny. So very funny.
31. You adore and take excellent care of mom.
32. I never hear you gossip and you rarely judge others.
33. You love to travel and are willing to visit me wherever I move.
34. You rarely complain.
35. You taught me that there is a difference between being worried and being concerned. 
36. You have unwavering integrity.
37. You bring a new meaning to the term "magnify your calling"
38. You have always been a huge proponent for all of us getting our education.
39. You have helped all of us in paying for said education :)
40. I am grateful you passed on your ability to blow your nose to me.
41. You are always doing things that need to be done that no one else wants to do.
42. I know if I need someone on my side, your the first person to go to.
43. I love how you always write reminders on the back of your hand.
44. I can't count how many times you have helped me or me and my family move.
45. Pajama pants. Need I say more?
46. I love that you like things clean and organized.
47. When I think of adjectives to describe you, one that immediately pops into my head is humble. Any of your many accomplishments, achievements, etc, I've found out from another source besides yourself.
48. We share the same sense of smell. 
49. I love that your a "catch and release" type of a guy.
50. I love hearing you laugh. Especially, your loud, huge-smile laugh.
51. I love that so many things in our home growing up, were made by you.
52. You are a fabulous Pompa and both my babies love you.
53. I love talking to you on the phone.
54. Did I say my babies love you? Because they really do. And so do I.
55. I love that when I woke up today super cranky because we were all sick that my mood changed immediately when I remembered it was your birthday and started feeling all sorts of happiness and gratitude to know that I get to have you in my life. Happy birthday, Dad!


So, I need your help. I love graphic design. I've never known time to melt away like I do when I'm playing in a world of fonts, designs and color. However, I discovered this passion a little later than I would have liked and what I currently know in this area is pitiful. I crave to know more. I crave to have the programs and equipment necessary to learn what I hope to learn.

I know now isn't the time for such things while we're in the middle of Phil's MBA program. But while I'm patiently biding my time, I like to plan and dream. When I express these thoughts to Phil--this is all the response I can get out of him, "Why don't you just get a PC?"

{Insert: needle scratching record player sound here}

I mean seriously, can we say killjoy?

He argues that I can get everything I need in a PC to fit my needs for half the price of a mac. When the numbers shake out, he is right about the price and all I have to argue back with (in a high-pitched whiny voice) is, but artists NEED Macs!. Because that's what I am. An artist.

Like I said, what I know on the subject is pitiful. So I turn to you, sweet readers for information and research. Why is a mac better than a PC? Particularly, for artistic uses? I need specifics, facts, info, things that make me sound smart.  Help.

Oh, and if you agree with Phil, that the pros to Macs aren't worth the extra mula...well, I guess you can add your two cents as well.

If you're wondering why I haven't done any research...this is my research.


Yup, I did a refashion...(isn't that what they call it?) I mean, I don't like to brag, but at this rate--don't be surprised if you see me on the next season of Project Runway wearing a slouch beanie and my thick rimmed glasses.

It all started when I was trying to figure out what I wanted everyone to wear in our family pictures we had a couple weeks ago. I was thinking dark blue and greens and well since Penelope is a little baby girl, finding something in those hues was becoming a bit tricky. However, one day I came up on this little jumper at Target.

On clearance, no less! Only, it was 2T, so something needed to be done. So I worked my skills, whatever they might be, and turned it into...something most difficult and intricate...a skirt.

And then because I just couldn't leave well enough alone, added another ruffle.

Now be honest. Do you think I should apply for project runway now? Or wait one more season to really perfect my fashion design abilities?


Why, hello, beautiful fall! You look lovely and I'm so happy you finally decided to grace us with your presence. Why? So we can all finally whip out our scarves, cardi's....and BOOTS. I think I have a minor boot fetish, which is good, because I think if I had money, it would turn into a major boot fetish. And if it were so, I know exactly what I'd be purchasing.

The last couple of cold seasons, every time I'd see a boot that I swear had a halo hanging over it, it would always be the same brand: MizMooz.

My first choice would be these:

I could also handle a pair of these as well, in gray :)


It's amazing to me how fast a week or so can go by. Then, it's because I realize I'm so stinkin' busy. Okay, not really. But, Phil is. He thinks with two jobs, classes, and now competing in a case competition that he has to fly to Nashville next weekend to present in, makes him a little less unavailable. So, you might say his busy-ness (not to be confused with business) might, in turn, make me more busy. So let's see...

I've been busy listening to this:
(LDS General Conference)
I've been busy reading this:

(I know, a little late to the party)

But it hasn't been all fun and games because it is worth mentioning I've been REALLY busy wiping this:
...and this:

See. I'm busy.