We had our second official family photo shoot about a month ago. So far we've had one with every new child, which I think will be a realistic goal for me. Getting our family pictures taken every year, might just be far too ambitious.

With our last pictures done amidst the vibrant greens that are so symbolic of the Northwest, I wanted to make sure our photos were taken at a place that is special to the season we find ourselves in now. That's how I came up with BYU campus. Crazy and clever, I know. A place that is very meaningful to Phil and I for so many reasons :)

I'm finding a few gallery canvas print deals going on and want to jump on them before they pass me by, so I was hoping if you could help me decide.

The big family one will be one of the following two:

I would also like to get a pair of Ryder and Penelope. Which one do you think? Full-body or head-shots? Oh, and if you by chance are a Nana or a Grandma, please make your requests now :)

Here are some other fun ones. The ones of us inside are in the Tanner building (aka: Phil's second home)...

Photos taken by: Susan Monson


  1. I love the one of you guys lying down all together, it's so sweet.

    Other comments:
    1)I love your boots. And shirt.
    2)Your whole family has great smiles! I swear you should be on the wall of a dentist office.

  2. Sorry...I will be of no help in deciding which ones. They are all darling!

    I love the one of Ryder looking bored on the blanket. So funny.

    You all look gorgeous and can't go wrong!

  3. What a gorgeous family! You guys are all so photogenic, even your kids! That is pretty amazing! I love the first two. I think you should do the full body shots of your kids. I love all of your outfits! That is always the hardest part for me! We just had our pictures taken too. I will post them when I get them back.

  4. Soo cute. Wow your kids are amazingly cooperative for the camera. I am sure you took a million of pictures to get so many cut ones, but that is a high percentage of success in my opinion. 20 good ones out of a million. Wow. Lucky!

  5. Oh this is easy, I want them all.

  6. Oh my gosh! The colors and you guys all look so great! What a wonderful photoshoot. I don't know how you are going to narrow those down! I love the 2 first family pictures. They are great!

  7. You guys are the best looking family ever! Both family shots are stunning, but I think I lean toward the one of you guys laying down together too. I love that Phil is holding Penelope's hand and that you guys all just look so happy!

  8. do aunts get to pick one? :) or can I get the jpeg to print my own? I am saving up to print a bunch of photos on canvas in all different sizes for a wall in my living room.