So, I need your help. I love graphic design. I've never known time to melt away like I do when I'm playing in a world of fonts, designs and color. However, I discovered this passion a little later than I would have liked and what I currently know in this area is pitiful. I crave to know more. I crave to have the programs and equipment necessary to learn what I hope to learn.

I know now isn't the time for such things while we're in the middle of Phil's MBA program. But while I'm patiently biding my time, I like to plan and dream. When I express these thoughts to Phil--this is all the response I can get out of him, "Why don't you just get a PC?"

{Insert: needle scratching record player sound here}

I mean seriously, can we say killjoy?

He argues that I can get everything I need in a PC to fit my needs for half the price of a mac. When the numbers shake out, he is right about the price and all I have to argue back with (in a high-pitched whiny voice) is, but artists NEED Macs!. Because that's what I am. An artist.

Like I said, what I know on the subject is pitiful. So I turn to you, sweet readers for information and research. Why is a mac better than a PC? Particularly, for artistic uses? I need specifics, facts, info, things that make me sound smart.  Help.

Oh, and if you agree with Phil, that the pros to Macs aren't worth the extra mula...well, I guess you can add your two cents as well.

If you're wondering why I haven't done any research...this is my research.


  1. I think the biggest thing is that it used to be the industry standard... but these days, most any software you'd want is just as available and usable on a PC as it is on a mac. My bro-in-law is a graphic designer for Nike, says "For one the (mac) OS is a little more creative mind friendly.
    Most of the other reasons are moot with the advancement of technology. Because Apple controls their OS and hardware, you're generally going to get a machine that can handle graphics if you buy a Mac, but spec-for-spec there isn't a huge difference these days."
    From my own experience as a web designer, I've never had a mac. I'll admit they are probably superior machines, but just not as convenient. I've never had a problem getting a PC with decent specs to run any of the software I use for design.

  2. Don't talk to Sean about this then...I think he and Phil are of the same mind.

    But cool people on TV have Macs, so that's all I have to say about that.

  3. My husband and I have the same argument. Granted I'm not a graphic designer, but I claim I need one for photography (haha, yeah right!) My only argument is they look cooler and the interface is more to my liking. Other than that, it's probably a losing argument. Tell him you don't give a darn. This is your present for putting him through MBA school! haha. jk.

  4. We use macs. In terms of it's superior qualities with graphic design, I don't know a lot but hear they are more artsy. The reason why we love them is they are have been problem free since we got them. Ryan and I are not computer problem solvers. If anything bad happens to them we call my brothers or friends, and we were doing it all the time. That is when we had a PC that is. We haven't had a lick of problems and haven't begged a friend or family member to help us with our pitifulness since 2008 - which is totally worth the money for us. Good luck on your debate. PC people tend to detest Macs and Mac people think PC's are horrible.

  5. my brother jason works at an Apple store and has apple everything. He has us even talked into buying a mac when we have the moola! He does graphic design stuff for one of his many jobs! I will have to send him your way! He would love to give you some good info to use on Phil!

  6. Hey Jasmine, Shauna asked me to come to your blog and offer my opinion and reasoning for buying a Mac. I've been doing graphic design, and web design for almost 3 years now. I've worked on a PC and a Mac at different times using the same programs (Adobe Creative Suite). From my experiences, it all boils down to this question: Do you want a Great experience, or a decent experience that is riddled with frustation, and despair. In my opinion, a Mac will without a doubt deliver a great experience for one main reason: Apple builds the Software AND the Hardware and is able to integrate the two in way that no other company on earth can.
    Suppose you buy a PC. How many flavors of PC do you have to choose from? Dell. Sony. Toshiba. HP..... All of these companies build there own machines to try to fit Microsoft's OS into the making any way they can. They end up skimping on quality and details to accomodate Microsoft's product. This was the major reason that Window's Vista was such a flop. Microsoft kept such tight control over it's development, that the PC makers didn't really know what kind of PC to build for it. With respect to Windows 7, Microsoft did work more closely with the PC makers to try to have a better integrated experience, but after all this, they are still behind the curve.
    As I mentioned, I've done creative work on a PC (running Windows XP) and on my Macs. I had more frustrating experiences with my PC than I care to remember. I had to have it re-imaged twice (which basically means wiping it clean and starting over). I had to install all sorts of Anti-Virus, and Anti-Spam, and Anti-This-and-That software, which always seemed to be needing an update, thus slowing me down.
    I've owned my iMac for 4 years now. I've never had to install any Anti-Anything software. It runs just as fast as it did from day one. And I've never had to take it in for repairs.
    BUT suppose I have a problem with my Mac, how many calls will I have to make to get it fixed? ONE. That's because Apple supports both the Software AND the Hardware. With a Dell, for example, it's possible that you'll call Dell with a problem, only to find out that the issue lies within Microsoft's OS, so it's better you call them. So you call them only to find out it's better to have someone physically look at it. So you end up taking the computer to Best-Buy to have their Geek Squad look at it -- $$$$$$.
    Buying a Mac may be a little more expensive up front, but it's worth considering that you really are getting a superior product that you just won't have to keep dumping money into. If you live close to Apple Store, I would suggest buying it from there and spending the extra $99 for their One-to-One program. This is awesome for first-time Mac users. You get a data transfer, meaning they'll take all of your music, pics and files and put them on your new mac. Then they'll set everything up for you, email accounts, calendars, internet book marks, etc. And finally, they'll teach you how to use it for an entire year. Not that learning how to use a mac is hard, but there are some differences, and many features that are great to learn about from people who know what they're doing. They've got professional photographers, videographers, graphic artists, and more teaching these classes.
    Sorry this is so long, but I hope it has been helpful.

  7. I have a macbook -- Josh convinced me I needed it for my photography. It has never disappointed! In the 2+ years we have had it, I haven't had a single problem with it, and any of the minor things that I've had questions on have been really easy to fix. Versus my comp. at work, which has had millions of problems during the same time frame..
    oh and can we say virus free? That's a huge plus.

  8. Just put Phil out on the door step and go for the Mac. By the time you purchase the software that the Mac already comes with, that by the way does a better, worry free job, you will have spent more money for the PC. You don't have to worry about using 200 gig of your memory to fight off viruses and having a nap while the thing boots up. But hey, I have little apples painted in my bedroom.

  9. It looks like its clear that Phil is wrong, (sorry bro) and you do indeed need a Mac:) I love mine. My sister-in-law is a graphic designer and thats what she uses! Maybe ask for one for Christmas! It takes some getting used to but now I can't stand using a PC cuz the Mac is so much easier and quick. I feel like the world is turning more into a Mac world anyway!