Are any of you as worried about the current economic state of our country as I am? I don't know about all of you, but we're feeling it. Mostly because we know we want to sell our home within the coming year. I'll spare you the details, but it does make me concerned as to what decisions are being made in Washington. Will pumping $7oo bagaillion dollars really help? Or will it just hurt us more in the long run? I think there is really something to be said about everyone learning their lesson, but I'm greedy and I want our, my, needs met right now. I do think something needs to be done. I don't know about a $7oo billion something, but perhaps a plan that prevents all of main street from hitting rock bottom. Anyhow, so much to be said. Crazy world.


I don't know if you read my first encounter with froggy season, but it's that time of year again. I was abruptly reminded of this when the other morning I ran the garbage disposal (which is a frightening business within itself) and right when I flipped the switch, something in the opposite drain flew up. I jumped thinking it was a piece of lettuce or something, but didn't scream until I realized it was a bite-sized froggy. I quickly hopped him into a plastic cup and hopped him right out the door. And well, let's just say, I found froggy from last year....
(He has a little lint on him...seriously though...where did he come from?)
In all honesty I don't think this was Mr. Froggy from last year. At least, I hope not because I don't know why he would just appear on my kitchen floor like that. I suspected he liked the coolness of the fridge. Anyhow, if it was Mr. Froggy from last year...well, I think that's a little creepy.


In just this last week I've managed to convince myself Peanut was dry drowning at least once, that Suze Orman yelled at me for reasons I still remain unsure about and that I'm beginning to like Jenny Mcarthy and Jim Carrey???


Dear Invitees... I'm going unprivate...or in other word's I'm "open it up!" But before I do so I'm changing my blog address to: Don't go there yet because there isn't anything there. I'll make the switch over next Friday, September 26. But make sure you change the link you have for me now to my new one up there before then. Does that sound good? I hope so. Also, I've seen other bloggers do this and I think it's a good idea. Every member of their family is given a nickname and thereafter ask people not to use their reall names. So blog roll goes as follows: Me: Jazzy Ryder: Peanut (it goes way back) Phil: Mr. Man

The Protect Our Children Act

I just wrote my senator!!! Why? I'm glad you asked. To request the pass senate Bill 1738--the Protect Our Children Act. I don't know if you watched Oprah yesterday, but within the first 5 minutes of the show I was sobbing. I was overwhelmed and disgusted with the wickedness of this world. I could only watch a few minutes before having to turn it off. I thought to myself, "what can I do?" The only thing that came was to make my home a light. A refuge. So when my kids learn and see what I see, they know there is safety and peace that exists too and teach them to pass it on. I did watch the rest and fortunately found out there is something else I can do and you can to. Write your senator. Seriously, it took me 2 minutes. Super easy. Here is the link all ready for you along with a pre-written letter, if you choose to use it. If passed this bill will:
  • Authorize over $320 million over the next five years in desperately needed funding for law enforcement to investigate child exploitation.
  • Mandate that child rescue be a top priority for law enforcement receiving federal funding.
  • Allocate funds for high-tech computer software that can track down Internet predators.
Here is the link to yesterday's show if you want to find out more. So thanks Oprah, for bringing this up. Now, if you could only make the connection between this and many other of the things you support, or choose to ignore because its not popular, we'll really be getting somewhere. P.S. I don't know if this worth mentioning and it's been something I've been guilty of in the past...let's just say I'm never, EVER putting any sort of slightly n@k3d photos of my children, no matter how cute or how young, on the Internet ever again.

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

Congratulations, Tyler Jay!!! Way to go! Woo! Woo! You're Amazing! Yahooo! Oh, yes. My brother found out today that he passed a little test called the Bar. I am oozing pride. He just graduated this last spring from Law School in Syracuse with his Juris Doctorate and passed the Idaho State Bar Exam on his first shot. Kapow brotha!!!

Let's Discuss

So before I post about our last week's happenings, I've been having some thoughts...
  • I feel like I'm in a funk. I went home for a visit and it was FANTASTIC and it was just what I needed, but I get home and I'm having such a hard time putting my new motivations into actions. I'm so easily swayed, lately, into not being my best and I don't like myself like that.
  • I have just caught myself up on all the NieNie news and that whole story is another inspiration that is causing reflection.
  • I feel like a very boring mom. I don't think Ryder saw the sun the whole day yesterday and today is shaping up to be not much different. I think a visit to the park is desperately needed. Any other ideas out there to keep a curious one-year old occupied are more then welcome.
  • We are trying to figure out how and when to sell our condo. This stresses me out greatly. The economy is so bad and I'm not blind! I see things around me not selling! If you know anyone who wants to buy a very loved 2 bed 1 bath condo please tell them to give me a call. Or any advice in the real estate area? Again, give me a call.
  • I'm thinking of going "un-private". Can you do that? Is that against the blogging rules? I hate to be blunt, but private is boring. I will fully admit one of my favorite aspects about blogging is the dialogue the oppotunity to meet a friend of a friend's sister's cousin's friend. All that diminishes and I'm left with people like my sister who tell me that they just never think to check my blog anymore (when your private, you're not eligible for Google Reader, Blogroll or any other feed reader options). Or maybe I'm the one that's boring now...Oh no!! That's it isn't it!?!!....shoot.

Ryder's Birthday Party

These last couple of weeks have sped by as we have been up to so many things...some of which have been stressful, others fun. Where I've had a rather difficult time getting out of vacation mode, I'm now going to finally start putting together some accounts of what we've been up to. First, off: Ryder's Birthday Party! A huge hit. He enjoyed the company, loved opening his presents...although difficult to get him to move from one to the other :) and had a hay day with the cake (video below). When people ask me how old he is now, I love saying, "he's one". A whole year! No more of this silly month business.