Let's Discuss

So before I post about our last week's happenings, I've been having some thoughts...
  • I feel like I'm in a funk. I went home for a visit and it was FANTASTIC and it was just what I needed, but I get home and I'm having such a hard time putting my new motivations into actions. I'm so easily swayed, lately, into not being my best and I don't like myself like that.
  • I have just caught myself up on all the NieNie news and that whole story is another inspiration that is causing reflection.
  • I feel like a very boring mom. I don't think Ryder saw the sun the whole day yesterday and today is shaping up to be not much different. I think a visit to the park is desperately needed. Any other ideas out there to keep a curious one-year old occupied are more then welcome.
  • We are trying to figure out how and when to sell our condo. This stresses me out greatly. The economy is so bad and I'm not blind! I see things around me not selling! If you know anyone who wants to buy a very loved 2 bed 1 bath condo please tell them to give me a call. Or any advice in the real estate area? Again, give me a call.
  • I'm thinking of going "un-private". Can you do that? Is that against the blogging rules? I hate to be blunt, but private is boring. I will fully admit one of my favorite aspects about blogging is the dialogue the oppotunity to meet a friend of a friend's sister's cousin's friend. All that diminishes and I'm left with people like my sister who tell me that they just never think to check my blog anymore (when your private, you're not eligible for Google Reader, Blogroll or any other feed reader options). Or maybe I'm the one that's boring now...Oh no!! That's it isn't it!?!!....shoot.



    sniff sniff.

  2. Oh looky...you still have a blog? Oh looky...I still have a sister. What a crazy world!

  3. You know, my brother and sister-in-law just moved to Seattle...I think they are renting but maybe they want to buy.

    I too am caught up in the NieNie news. Her old blog posts give me ideas on how to be a better mom, but I'm just not as creative. To the park we go!

  4. haha...you are so cute and funny -- and NOT boring (just ask all the youth in our ward!). You're not allowed to move out of our ward! :) I'll keep my eye open for houses in the neighborhood!

  5. When to sell your condo? 2010
    When to make your blog public? Now.