What's better than little boy boxers and underwear?

The little boy wearing them!

What's better than the little boy wearing them?

That little boy wearing them WHILE vacuuming!

Just in case you were wondering, the potty training is going pretty well. We started Monday with approximately an 80% success rate. I'll spare you the details. It just keeps improving and we've had two whole days with a 100% success rate including his first night with no diaper. However, I've learned the second I get a little cocky (especially that first day), I get fed a nice piece of humble pie, or dare I say...humble p**p.

I hope we can move from his mini little potty to the man toilet with his bumper seat this weekend. How that cute little bottom will ever be able to precariously balance on the edge of an adult-sized toilet seat is beyond me, but as in all things, I guess it will just take some practice.


So there was a post on NieNie's blog the other day with a photo that had a framed Family Proclamation in the background: Jumbo sized! I love it! And I want it. Am I slow on the uptake with this one? Has everyone but me already seen this in your local Deseret Book store??? Either way, I want a jumbo size version of the Family Proclamation hanging on my wall too! I consider the Family Proclamation to be one of the most true, applicable and beautiful statements that exists for our world today, therefore bigger=better for this item in the home decor sense :)


So hopefully, he is too...

With Phil in limbo between school and his internship, we don't think there will be a better time to do this. Right now he's really excited about his "toy" toilet and loves to pretend to go potty. I hope this is a good sign and not a bad one. "Project: Potty Train" officially starts tomorrow. We're shooting for the 3-day, run around in their skivvies method. Wish us luck!

P.S. I think little boy undies are the cutest things on the planet.


Just so you don't think I don't do anything when I forget to blog for a whole month, I thought I'd share with you a list of all my amazing accomplishments of the last few weeks. 

(Photos 1&2) Ryder at the Easter egg hunt. I got a little excited. Being a parent brings out a weird competitive side to me at such events as Easter egg hunts.
(Photos 3 & 4) Easter Morning. What do you get a 3 month-old?  A glowworm, that's what. 
(Photo 5) Penny and her cousin Jared.  And no, you silly goose, Penny cannot stand yet. Well, not without some help :)
  •  Had a successful Easter Weekend that included a couple of 'Mark-Set-Go's (aka's Easter egg hunts), a visit from the Easter bunny and a yummy Easter dinner at my sister's house.
  • Got Ryder over a sinus infection, only to be discovered after a necessary doctor's visit due to a nasty fever that wouldn't go away.
  • Survived two of Phil's most busiest weeks of school yet. After living on campus, many sleepless nights studying and hours spent putting together projects, I was super tired...I can't imagine how he felt.
  • Got my Aunt Lancy home from the hospital after an almost 20-day stay in the ICU after two surgeries. Okay, so an accomplishment I had nothing to do with, but a very hard and scary time that she fought valiantly through. I can't describe how grateful and happy I am that she is on the mend.
  • Researched double strollers until my eyesight went blurry, trying to find the perfect one to accommodate my children for big city living this summer and have concluded, that  perfect stroller does not exist.
  • Managed to sneak down to visit my parents with the kiddos for a week while Phil was at an HR conference.
  • I read my sister's manuscript for her second novel, "A Cupcake for Eleanor". Soooo good. So funny. It must get published so all of you can read it to. 
  • Finished our taxes! Okay, Phil did our taxes, but nagging him to get them done counts, right?
  • Almost secured a place to live in NYC this summer (negotiations are in the works).
  • And last, but not least, we made it half way through Phil's MBA! He is in the middle of finals right now, but give us a couple more days and we'll officially have one year under our belt. Woot, woot! Good job, Phil. We're so proud of you!
See...I told you I accomplished a lot.