So there was a post on NieNie's blog the other day with a photo that had a framed Family Proclamation in the background: Jumbo sized! I love it! And I want it. Am I slow on the uptake with this one? Has everyone but me already seen this in your local Deseret Book store??? Either way, I want a jumbo size version of the Family Proclamation hanging on my wall too! I consider the Family Proclamation to be one of the most true, applicable and beautiful statements that exists for our world today, therefore bigger=better for this item in the home decor sense :)


  1. Someone (I think just the temple itself, or maybe my bishopric) actually gave us one, plus a large picture of the Portland Temple when we got married in the temple. Unfortunately I think it's still in a large folder somewhere... maybe I should just send you mine:)

  2. Want me to ask her? She lives two doors up from me.