What's better than little boy boxers and underwear?

The little boy wearing them!

What's better than the little boy wearing them?

That little boy wearing them WHILE vacuuming!

Just in case you were wondering, the potty training is going pretty well. We started Monday with approximately an 80% success rate. I'll spare you the details. It just keeps improving and we've had two whole days with a 100% success rate including his first night with no diaper. However, I've learned the second I get a little cocky (especially that first day), I get fed a nice piece of humble pie, or dare I say...humble p**p.

I hope we can move from his mini little potty to the man toilet with his bumper seat this weekend. How that cute little bottom will ever be able to precariously balance on the edge of an adult-sized toilet seat is beyond me, but as in all things, I guess it will just take some practice.


  1. Way to go...Ryder looks so grown up!

  2. Way to go, Ryder (and mommy)! That's quite a feat!

  3. LOL! Love the vacuuming!

  4. Hip! Hip! Hooray! If you can potty-train AND vacuum-train in one week, then you can do anything!

  5. I am soo happy you are doing this! We are starting next week. I can't wait and I am totally scared too! You must share your secrets and tips.