Christmas Vacation

Well, the time has arrived for me to fly to Utah to celebrate Christmas! Although I have a few ideas for some posts (they are going to be thrilling, I assure you), I keep thinking to myself that I need to reserve them for after the New Year. I've always been a girl who loves, loves, loves Christmas and when I was younger would seriously go through a couple of days of depression once the magical holiday was over. In essence, I have trained myself to plan a few fun things to do during the darkest and most boring months of the year. Silly enough, these plans include some posts I've been wanting to write along with other exciting tasks like organizing my cupboards. But since I don't have anything of real interest to say, I'll leave you with some pictures of Phil and I's first date since Ryder was born.
Things to note in the photos: 1) My hair--bottom, right-hand photo--a slight wind-blown look with the curls makes me look a little fabulous 2) Phil holding my purse.

A little about myself....

My great college friend, Lisa, tagged me with the following: Name 4 or more... Places I've lived: 1. Tremonton, UT 2. Provo, UT 3. Seattle, WA 4. I can only name three because...well, I've only lived in three places... Places I've been on vacation... 1. London 2. France 3. Spain 4. Jackson Hole, WY Foods I like... 1. Fettucini Alfredo (pretty much any pasta with a nice white sauce...mmm) 2. Potatoes! Mashed, baked, fried, you name it! 3. Cereal 4. Ice Cream, brownies, cookies, etc (Can you see why it's so hard for me to eat healthy!?) Hobbies I have... 1. Decorating 2. Cross-stitching and I hope sewing to become one soon 3. Singing/playing the guitar 4. Reading and writing Things I would do if I were a billionaire... 1. Build my custom dream home 10 minutes from where Phil will be working (Lisa, this one was so good, I just had to copy it!) 2. Use it to visit family whenever I wanted. 3. To take Phil's dream vacation to Central America and my dream vacation to Europe and then head on over to Australia and New Zealand (well, not all in one trip ;) 4. Decorate and redecorate my house whenever I wanted T.V. shows I like... 1. The Amazing Race 2. Chuck 3. Survivor 4. Samantha Who? Places I'd like to be... 1. In Tremonton for Christmas! (Only 10 more days!) 2. Sleeping (It's been a long day, why am I not in bed?) 3. Christmas shopping with no crowds (Love shopping, hate the crowds) 4. Pretty much doing anything with my boys. Things most people don't know about me... 1. I have a creative journal where I keep lists, fabric/color swatches, magazine cut-outs, notes or ideas 2. I love the smell of my baby's breath (I now know why they named a flower that) 3. My wedding ring fit up until I was 8 month pregnant and almost 4 months after giving birth, it still doesn't fit. And believe you me, I was a lot bigger 8 months pregnant than I am's like my knuckle grew or something. I've resigned myself to getting it resized ~sigh~ 4. I still have one clock in my house that I haven't moved an hour back. Why you ask? Because it's huge and quite hard to get on an off. Now I'll tag... 1. Autumn 2. Shauna 3. Katie

7 BAD Habits

So awhile ago I posted 7 of my better habits and said I would follow-up with my bad habits and then finally, the wishful habits. Well, who wants to talk about their bad habits? But here they are, some of my moderately bad (you don't get to know the REALLY bad) quirks that I continually manage to repeat (or not repeat). 1. Thank You Cards I take way to long to get out my thank you cards. In fact, I'm just barely getting out thank you cards for a shower thrown for me almost three months ago (which is why I probably thought of this one because it's hanging over my head). I don't know why either, because I get done and feel very grateful for such great friends. 2. Day Dreaming I have a powerful brain. Keep in mind I didn't use the word smart or intelligent, but rather "powerful". I cannot tell you how many hours I have wasted sitting there thinking. I can zone out and come up with the funnest thoughts! (I can come up with negative ones too, but I work very hard to push those out, because they're NOT fun) Usually they consist of decorating or an upcoming event or even dwelling on fun memories. Phil has left me in our bedroom staring at a blank wall only to come back fifteen minutes later to find me still staring. I tell him I am thinking. This is bad because if I don't want to listen to something, lets say in Sunday School, I can just go to my "zone". 3. Finishing Books I am currently "in the middle" of three books. The one I'm reading now I fully intend to finish (Austenland). One I think I might finish (The Historian) and one I know I'm not going to finish (I can't remember the title). I love to read, but if the book bores me or makes me sad I some how end up not finishing it. This sometimes frustrates me, you know, leaves me with a very 'unfinished' feeling, but it is what it is. 4. Warming Up My Car I hope Phil or my dad doesn't read this, because I should be WAY better at letting my car warm up. But when I get in my car, it's to go somewhere and usually I need to be there at a certain time and usually it's cold (hence the need to let it warm up) which brings me to being in a cold hurry and not taking the time to let my car warm up properly. Phil, I will work on this! 5. Staying in Contact Returning emails, making phone calls, posting on Facebook...not so good at. If you get one of the previously mentioned from me, I must really love you. Blogging, however, I'm pretty stinkin' good at! ;) 6. Flossing and Dental Care in General, or rather lack thereof. I rarely floss and I hate going to the dentist. I would tell you the last time I went to the dentist, but those first seven words are embarassing enough, thank you. 7. Feathers I pull out the poky feathers in our down pillows and toss them on the floor. Oh wait, no, that's Phil who does that. I'm the one that has to clean them up off the floor every day. (Sorry, as I was thinking about my final bad habit , I saw yet another feather on the carpet)