A little about myself....

My great college friend, Lisa, tagged me with the following: Name 4 or more... Places I've lived: 1. Tremonton, UT 2. Provo, UT 3. Seattle, WA 4. I can only name three because...well, I've only lived in three places... Places I've been on vacation... 1. London 2. France 3. Spain 4. Jackson Hole, WY Foods I like... 1. Fettucini Alfredo (pretty much any pasta with a nice white sauce...mmm) 2. Potatoes! Mashed, baked, fried, you name it! 3. Cereal 4. Ice Cream, brownies, cookies, etc (Can you see why it's so hard for me to eat healthy!?) Hobbies I have... 1. Decorating 2. Cross-stitching and I hope sewing to become one soon 3. Singing/playing the guitar 4. Reading and writing Things I would do if I were a billionaire... 1. Build my custom dream home 10 minutes from where Phil will be working (Lisa, this one was so good, I just had to copy it!) 2. Use it to visit family whenever I wanted. 3. To take Phil's dream vacation to Central America and my dream vacation to Europe and then head on over to Australia and New Zealand (well, not all in one trip ;) 4. Decorate and redecorate my house whenever I wanted T.V. shows I like... 1. The Amazing Race 2. Chuck 3. Survivor 4. Samantha Who? Places I'd like to be... 1. In Tremonton for Christmas! (Only 10 more days!) 2. Sleeping (It's been a long day, why am I not in bed?) 3. Christmas shopping with no crowds (Love shopping, hate the crowds) 4. Pretty much doing anything with my boys. Things most people don't know about me... 1. I have a creative journal where I keep lists, fabric/color swatches, magazine cut-outs, notes or ideas 2. I love the smell of my baby's breath (I now know why they named a flower that) 3. My wedding ring fit up until I was 8 month pregnant and almost 4 months after giving birth, it still doesn't fit. And believe you me, I was a lot bigger 8 months pregnant than I am now...it's like my knuckle grew or something. I've resigned myself to getting it resized ~sigh~ 4. I still have one clock in my house that I haven't moved an hour back. Why you ask? Because it's huge and quite hard to get on an off. Now I'll tag... 1. Autumn 2. Shauna 3. Katie


  1. Jazzy,
    So what does it mean to be tagged? I'm kind of fresh with this blogging stuff! Is there anything that is sent to me saying I've been tagged? Thanks for helping me out! LOvE ya
    LOvE, Shauna

  2. I love spain! what part did you visit?

  3. JAZZY!
    Yay! I found your blog! How are you? You're looking fabulous as always! I miss you my friend. I found Shauna's blog, and from her's I found yours! He he! I hope all is well with you!

  4. You are still one of my favorite people. I just love you.

    We visted Barcelona and Valencia too! Barc was Ladd's mission. Want to go with me to visit one day? Maybe if we are old widows one day we could do that. ---not that I'm looking forward to our husbands passing though. ;)
    thanks for the cankle comfort.
    Have a lovely day Jazzy.

  5. Jazzy! Your link is officially on my page. Wahoo! We are in contact again, it's been too long! And I must say that Ryder is adorable! Congratulations! How are you adjusting to motherhood? I hope all is well with you too. Keep in touch! Ü