Top Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot lately. So much so, I don't even have time for anything else, like blogging. I also think it has to do with my low energy level. I find myself to tired to do too many productive things, so I feel as though I'll make up for it by thinking. May I share with you a summary of my top thoughts? Just as I wrote that, I just realize this might be embarrassing to admit I dwell on such insignificant things. Ahhh, owell.

  • Oh baby. I sure think of that third little baby quite a bit. Right now, it's whether its a boy or a girl. I'm 18 weeks today and I get to find out this Friday. I'm so very excited. I also think about what it's going to be like with three. I also think how I need to get Penny potty-trained and transitioned into a bed all within the next 5 months. 

  • Speaking of baby, I'm an old woman. Okay, not really, but man I feel like one. I was so very tempted to make this post all about how this pregnancy has been noticiably more difficult than my first two and how even though feel like I have the body of a 65-year-old, I have the complexion of a 16-year-old. You can thank me later for keeping my artificial complaints to a couple of sentances.

  • Speaking of a 16-year-old's complexion--I think its time for some serious make-up. Ha! You thought I was going to say some serious facial cleanser. Nope. That's not very fun to think about at all...but nice make-up is! I'm looking specifically into a good foundation and eyeliner. Any suggestions or recommendations?

  • Speaking of a good foundation, I've been thinking a lot about social medai/TV/screen time/Ipads/laptops/iphones/time issued to each one/ locations in which they're allowed {sigh}, whatever you want to call it, and what sort of ground rules we should be making now about these items.  Sadly, I know a lot of this stuff is taught by example, which essentially goes back to me (as I sit here on my computer while my babes watch Little Einsteins).  I feel very strongly that it's something I can no longer take the middle road on. I figure it's probably easier to make some tougher changes now than some potentially harder decisions later. What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you have some rules or guidlines you've made for your home that have worked well?

  • Speaking of matters of the home, I miss my familia so bad it hurts sometimes. I feel so very blessed to be meeting some amazing people and making some invaluable friends, but I can't help thinking daily about when/if/how we'll ever live somewhere at the very least I could easily drive my family to my parents house within a few hours. I feel like extended family can be a huge asset in raising a family. However, I can't count how many times I've heard how good it is to be out in world, experiencing different things, growing closer together as your own family unit, making the church stronger in areas that need it. etc. What school of thought are you and why? I recently heard a father in our ward who had a son going on a mission expressing his gratitude for our ward family (and it's true, we've got a good one). He was saying how they weren't sure who to invite to attend the temple with them for their son's first session and he said, "I didn't know whether to ask our relatives or our real family." Is it too dang much to ask in this world that those two things are one in the same? I don't think so!

So there it is people--a deep (or not so deep) look into my dominant thoughts of late. 


  1. You did the world a giant favor when you decided to have kids. Seriously.

    I miss you so much it makes want to cry.

    Is it so much to ask? I think not.
    call me. I have thoughts on ipad/mae up.

  2. First, that last picture of Ryder looks EXACTLY like a little Phil, it's crazy.

    Second, I'm also really struggling with figuring out the limits on media. Eli is obsessed with the Wii and that and TV are the only things he will do by himself right now. And sometimes I just need him to be self-entertained! But, I can already feel it getting out of yeah if you figure something good out please share.

    Third, I hear ya on family. We live close to Dave's family, which is awesome, but I miss my sisters like crazy these days. I haven't actually ever been lucky enough to live by them since leaving home, but we had the best ward family ever in Texas so I didn't miss them as much. Ward families are no replacement when you're close with your fam, but they sure do help!

    Can't wait to hear what you're having!

  3. I can't wait to hear what you are having.
    I use the Este Lauder double wear foundation and it is wonderful. It is pricey, but worth it. You can get a cheapy one for days you are just going to be at home or small erands, but the double were is wonderful! I can't use anything else now!

  4. You asked alot of questions. Screen Time is supposed to be limited to 3 hours a day (my teenagers know I don't monitor it so much anymore)
    I love my Clinique foundation.
    I didn't grow up around extended family but wish my kids could see them more than everyother year.
    Your kids are awesome to have you!

  5. Hey girl! Love your post! I should write more posts like this - but to be honest - I would be afraid that no one would give feedback. :) Haha!

    I am SO excited to find out what you are having! Do you have any cute names picked out?

    As for screen time I have been thinking about this a lot lately. There are Moms in my mom/baby group that talk about the 2 year rule - like not exposing your kids to tv til 2. I'm like "yikes - I can't do that!" I will say - Maya at almost 5 months is interested in my iPhone when it's in front of her and that worries me. I know many families who have been saved by the iPad.

    As far as familia. :( I wish I had more comforting words. I count myself lucky - although I love to travel and see the world, I like coming back home to Seattle. (The perks of marrying a hometown boy.) That being said - Derek and I both have two siblings and both of our older siblings live away from Seattle (Vegas and New York). My bro has two kids and we get down to Vegas as much as possible and they travel to Seattle a couple times a year. No kiddos in New York yet, but there will be in a few years and we talk about how we'll make our relationship with those cousins just as close as if they lived here. It'll be hard. Both Derek and I had cousins that were like siblings growing up. We do have the technology to skype now, and of course easily post pictures via FB or blog. But we'll encourage trips and who knows - maybe even OLD SCHOOL letter writing! Ha!

    Hope you guys are well! And we hope to see you when we come out in June for Adam's wedding! xoxo

  6. Congratulations on baby #3!! So thrilled for your cute family!! I use double wear, too.:)


  7. Oh, and I just have to say that we're packing up and heading out of a 4 year stint away from family and I will not is harder for me to leave than it was too come (and I thought it was torture then!)

    It's all hard. And it's all amazing. And some days the missing truly aches; but I just consider it a lucky time (in 2012) for those pesky (ha) iTools so we can all face time each other and "see" what's going on!:)

  8. Hey Jasmine,

    Congratulations on baby girl, and sorry about what she's done to your complexion. I don't have any suggestions on make up, but a Clarisonic changed my life and my 16 year old niece's too. A bit pricey, but well worth it. Hang in there!