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So Friday, we got the news that our newest addition in going to be a girl. I always consider the 18-week ultrasound to be my present for having almost made it half-way thru each pregnancy. Even though I really didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl, I was so anxious to find out. These last 4 months have been very looong and there is something about reaching this point that makes it all quite real. Not to mention how fun it is to learn more about them, and to begin putting all the pieces together about this little person who you are so excited to get to know. With that said, I’m quite thrilled to finally know our little baby is a “lil’ guwl” (as Penny would say).
So now begins the planning. The sleeping arrangements, the sibling adjustments, the clothes, other necessary accessories and supplies and the name. Oh the name! Usually, I know by now. But this time around we’re finding it more difficult to find something we love and something we both agree on. 
Besides that, my other main concern is getting Ryder and Penny into one bedroom. Of course, such an occasion calls for someone’s room needing a makeover and I’m thinking since the nursery is already in girl mode--it might be fun to shine the attention on what will be Ryder AND Penny’s room. The plan of course, would be to make it a bit more gender neutral. 
I can look at Pinterest ideas until my eyes go blury, but when it comes down to finding stuff that will work within our budget and situation--I pretty much have to start from fresh. I started looking at bedding. I found these bright quilts (twin size) at Target for less than $30 a piece. 

Ryder already has a rug with these colors, but which two do I choose? Which one is a tad more feminine for Penelope?

I figure I’ll throw in some decorative pillows to unify the look and a couple of personalized accessories and call it good. I think this will provide those kiddos with something a little special without breaking the bank, not to mention if any sort of change in sharing rooms, moving or anything like that happens, I won’t feel bad only getting a couple of years use out of them, not to mention they are simple enough to use about twenty other ways. Have I convinced you yet, that I’m totally justified in doing a little shopping? Because I’ve totally convinced myself. 
Huh...I wonder what else can I convince myself that I need...

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  1. Congratulations Jasmine! You and my daughter Kara have the same configuration of kids. She just put her two together (boy and girl). I love the quilts. I think you could go with either the blue or yellow for Penelope. Those are two of my favorites haha