The Tale of the Dragon & the Monkey

 Once upon a time there was a Dragon. Dragon was sad. He didn't feel as strong, as brave or as fierce as all the other dragons around. His heart weeped of disappointment that echoed throughout the land.

 Fortunately, the wise old monkey's radar, which resided in a banana attached to her wrist, picked up on the sad vibes of poor Dragon. Monkey left immediately to help Dragon.

Upon finding Dragon, Monkey spoke comforting words and offered Dragon some of her magic banana. Monkey told Dragon the banana would bring him confidence and courage.

 And with a wiggle of the Dragon's tail, the wise, old monkey cast a spell on Dragon, granting him strength and wisdom.

  Over night, Dragon felt transformed. He felt stronger.

 He felt braver and more fierce.

 But most of all, he felt happier. He expressed his immense gratitude for Monkey and promised her that he would only use his new powers for good.



  1. Please send the monkey and her magic banana my way!

  2. Oh! What a cute story! Your kids are adorable.