True Self

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I remember being young and hearing a thought or quote that essentially said why are we our worst selves to the people we love the very most? I remember immediately thinking of my sister and I. How we'd both make sure to be pleasant and kind people to our friends, but when it came to borrowing a couple swipes of deodorant, especially without asking, whooeee you had entered uncharted territory. 

Part of me thinks well, that's what families are for, and thank goodness for 'em! Because if we're being honest, there needs to be someone to see your bad side, and if its not going to be your family, then who is it going to be?

However, fast forward a few years and sadly, I think it's safe to say that cute Phil of mine has seen some not so great sides of me that no one in my family growing up ever had to deal with. Granted, the situations and trials you go through as an adult are a bit heavier than what one should face in their childhood, but still I know he's the person I should be treating the very best and certainly, not the very worst. Not to mention being my happiest and best self for my children. With that being so much easier said than done, I love this quote from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin: 

"Nothing exposes our true self more than how we treat each other in the home."

I know all of us have bad days and get into certain moods, but reading this quote reminds me that my  bad moments (which I assure you are rare, hardly ever, few and far between;), aren't something that should be tossed aside as oh he'll understand I was just having a moment but rather something I keep in check and that who I really am in my home--the majority of the time-- is someone who is loving, happy, and willing to serve. 

 {sigh}...add it to the list of all the other things I need to work on :)


  1. I know what you're saying (and agree, and need to work on), but please remember that no one is their best self when pregnant!

  2. Tell me you didn't use my hairbrush!!!!

    Just kidding. Sort of.

    No,I comletely agree. Excellent post.

    Did you design that cute print? I tried to push the link, but it didn't work.

  3. I love your beautiful design! I want to print it out and frame it. This is a good reminder for me, especially in my sleep-deprived state. I've been having a hard time trying to be patient with Norah. Thanks for the uplifting post. :)

  4. We all need that posted in our homes.

  5. wonderful. thank you.

  6. So very true...yet, I can't imagine you being anything else but completely wonderful all the time! I guess you have us all fooled :)