A Really Boring Blog Post

 I'm going to ask you to prepare yourself for possibly the most boring blog post of all time. I know this, because I can even envision my own mom glazing over the text, scrolling down the page, only hoping to get to a new picture of her grandchildren, which is exactly why I've placed random photos of my children here even though they have nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

This blog post is about what to blog about.

Don't say I didn't warn you about it being boring!

While I was doing the redesign, I came to a harsh realization: there's is only so much room one can take up, mostly in the form of pictures. I found out because I hit that limit. Luckily, there were some photos I had downloaded that weren't being used, so I deleted those and granted myself some more space before having to purchase more Gigs? Bytes? Space? What, for now, we'll just call gigglybytespace.

THEN, the other day in scripture group we were having a discussion about journaling. How pretty much the reason we have the scriptures is because people and prophets kept records of what was going on during their time. Obviously, there is no discounting the blessing that has been to nations. Not to mention records kept by ancestors and the impact they can have on their descendants. We further discussed the content of our journaling and I couldn't help thinking what is going to be the most valuable for my posterity to know about my life? 

I've always told myself it's okay that I'm horrible at keeping a journal because I have a blog! But after some thoughtful consideration on the point of journaling or record keeping, I think in some ways my blog is the same thing as my journal and in other ways it's not. So I'm wondering how to make it so it is. Not only in regard to content, but in how I choose to save/print/store it.

As far as the content, I feel can easily be decided when I ask myself, who am I writing to? Who are my words going to really matter to? When put that way, I know the asnwer is my family and my children. And if it so happens I can affect others along the way, well then, it's a win/win.

So then, I ask myself, what do I want them to know? Number one, my testimony of Jesus Christ and my efforts to navigate this world while trying to be like Him. I want them to know my thoughts, happiness and hopes about being a mother.  And last but not least, I want them to know what I love and why. From people to hobbies, everything I love. (I think it would be so fun to see what sort of decorating style and fashion thoughts my mom had at my age)  Obviously, there are some things too personal to share, which I will end up having to type or write down elsewhere.

I'm a little more at a loss when it comes to the sav/print/store portion...how do you do it for your blogs? Do you have them made into books? And if so, what company do you use to print your blogs and how often do you do so? Should I just transfer it to a work document and save it with a backup? Or a combination? I just don't know. Am I the only weirdo who thinks about these things!?!

So there you have it. The most boring blog post about what to blog about.


  1. Not boring! I've been thinking about this same thing. I once attempted to print my blog through some blog printing service and when I imported it it was like 500 pages and way too overwhelming so I decided to put it off...but that was like two years ago. I am sure it's worse now. But, I really want to find a solution because my blog is definitely the only journal I have from the last 7 years and if it were lost it would be totally devastating. Please share if you find a good solution!

    I really like the points that you put out though about the reasons behind your blog and keeping that in mind when you're posting. That's something I want to ponder on too. For now it's basically record keeping and keeping family/friends updated. It could definitely be more than that.

    And the sporadic pictures were adorable :).

  2. I love all of those pictures of your kids.