Sick, No More!

The two items that I must have near me at all times. 
Tissues, you say? We're hard core around here. TP all the way. 

Currently, Ryder and I are awake at 6:30 this quiet morning, snuggling under a blanket watching cartoons while we take turns coughing up a lung.  I gave up trying to sleep around 6 a.m. and figured it would be better to get my early bird (Ryder) and I out of dodge so our other partial sickies could finish up on their much needed sleep.

Essentially this little family of mine has been involved in a nasty game of cold ping pong for the last week. I'd like to think I'm the MVP who has managed to not only remain the most consistant with my cold but somehow turned it into bronchitis. It's talent people, sheer talent.

I did make it to the doctor yesterday, so thankfully, I'm now armed with some of the good stuff (wink, wink) to help me get over this nonsense. I keep hoping every morning I'll wake up feeling monumentally better than I did the day before, but I just don't think it works that way when you're pregnant. However, I'm sick of all the sickness! And I'm really sick of not being able to taste my food. My lost sense of smell has left me dibilatated as a mother (dirty diapers???) and my lost sense of taste (which technically is still my sense of smell, right?) has made me realize what it's like to only eat when you're hungry. Shockingly, it's not that much and not to mention utterly boring. There is no joy in food {enter heavy shoulder sob here}.

So I'm done. We're all done. We're tired of playing this game and so I'm just going to will it to be over. Mind over matter, the power of positive thinking...whatever. We're done. Today I will make Penny walk around all day with a sippy cup of O.J. strapped to her hand. Today, Ryder will master the art of coughing into his elbow as I start sanitizing this house from top to bottom (or until I get too tired). Today, I'm sending Phil back to work, because after working two days from home to help me out, even Phil (our healthy phenom) is starting to get congested, and so getting him out of this contaminated environment is probably the best thing I can do for his survival. You will be missed, my love. And as for me, today, I'm going to do the laundry, even if it kills me. Because today we are getting back to normal, and normal people need clean underwear.

That's the plan. And it's gonna happen...well, until we all end up under blankets in front of the TV.


  1. Good luck, that is no no fun. I never know what is better -- everyone sick at once, or one healthy person who can take care of the others.

  2. Good luck! I'm sad that you guys are all sick. It does seem like it takes longer to get over colds when you're sick. I'll pray for you. :)

  3. Haha! I meant when you're pregnant. I blame the lack of sleep. :)

  4. I TOTALLY feel you, my friend!! We just had this same thing - and like you, I seemed to be the worst of us all. I think it's a horrible punishment to be pregnant AND can't really take anything and you are already running on less than 100% capacity! My favorite remedy this time around was smoothies - blend up some OJ and a bunch of frozen fruits and settle yourself down on the couch for a marathon of Wild Kratts :) Get well soon!

  5. this year has just been bad! we have been sicky so much...
    positive thinking...great idea!