Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

The kiddos have been busy attending Easter Egg hunts and eating LOTS of sugar. There has been more than one instance this weekend where I've wondered where Penelope was and why she wasn't making a peep, only to find her stuck in some corner with her Easter loot going to town.

All of us ended up catching some sort of cold this weekend, which didn't slow down Ryder and Pen's fun, but of course managed to render me useless. So like a lamo, I ended up staying home from yesterday's Easter egg hunt and from church today:(

All the fun began on Thursday when we had Easter activities during preschool, which was held at our house this week. I ended up making these chocolate candy nests I found on Pinterest, which although look really cool...

 ...aren't the most practical treat in the world...

Friday we had an Easter egg hunt at the church and then on Saturday had the community Easter egg hunt that Phil took them to while I loafed around the house with a roll of toilet paper attached to my hand.  Luckily, Phil took the camera to document their cuteness for me.

(Isn't this Easter bunny cute? So many I've seen lately are really quite scary looking)

And then the Easter bunny came to visit

 (I apologize for the snotty nose...but they're just so easy to come by around here lately)

But like any good parent made them put down their goods so I could dress them up in their Sunday finest and put copious amounts of gel (elsh as Ryder calls it) and hairspray on their heads.

And then what would this Easter post be without my "kiss your sister, dang it!" photo.
 All in all, a very pleasant morning. I'm SO very grateful for this Easter season and everything it means to me and my loved ones. This morning we were watching the You Tube clip about the resurrection that's been flying around on Facebook and when they were crucifying the Savior, Ryder said, but this is supposed to have a happy ending.  How relieved and happy I was to tell him that it did! I don't know if that and the end of the video clip left him satisfied, but I hope one day he'll fully understand about the happy ending we all get to recieve because of what our Savior did for us.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Happy Easter to your cute family. (They have the best facial expressions.)