I am so productive this week! To start off I went to the Department of Licensing and no worries people, I didn't have to take the test! It's amazing what a wink, a smile and a few flattering words can get ya! Or maybe I got the nicest lady on the planet who didn't even look at my proof of residency. She saw I had a WA address on my info sheet and a rambunctious little boy and put me on through. Phew! I was so excited. Phil brought me home some poinsettias for "passing" my drivers test. [for those of you in my same situation, I think the thirty-day thing only applies if you get caught (pulled-over, in an accident, etc.) that you get penalized for not having your license updated in a timely manner. Probably best, however, to learn from my mistake and just go get it done.] However, the day wasn't done there. Later in the afternoon, we had Ryder's 15 mo. check-up where he was declared healthy as a horse and thought whatever place this was that let him hang around in his diedo (diaper) and socks all day was totally awesome! Until...the shots. He got three including his flu and for some reason watching him this time was only a little short of pure agony. But he is a brave one, that boy. As soon as we walked out I immediately saw a bowl of succors on a receptionist's desk and with out hesitation sternly asked (like I dare you to tell me no) if I could have one and immediately shoved it in Ryder's mouth. So sad. For some reason this round of vaccinations seemed the hardest to me. I think it may have been because there was one more shot than usual and the dosages (and needles) seemed a bit larger. (Maybe it was all in my head). And finally, Phil and I went to the dentist this morning!!! {woot, woot, Hip-hip hooray, Way to go, You guys rock!} So we're a little excited because we both may not have been in the past 5-6 years. Whatever. Minor detail. So to say the least, Phil and I (especially me, because I HATE the dentist) were embarrassed and a little nervous about what they'd find. I am happy to report that it went very well! It was an all around pleasant experience. Phil had no problems, I have three baby cavities that probably won't require getting numbed and we were both told we were in pretty good shape along with detailed updates and helpful hints. Again, phew). I have resigned myself to taking extra great care of my teeth the best I can. It's unfortunate it's taken me this long, but now I can see the numerous positive effects this can have. Plus, my toothies feel sooo clean. And there you have it folks! Can you believe how productive I've been this week! I can't. One day I'll be on top of all these things, but until then, I'm going to be very proud of what I do get done. I also tried to fit in a hair cut this week, but it just wasn't happening so it had to get pushed until next Tuesday. That's fun though.


So lately, I feel like I haven't done so well about living in the moment, and found myself getting stressed about all of the things ahead of us and I've also been rather saddened by the response to Prop 8 getting past (goodness gracious), but I had one of those rejuvenating Sundays where I got my oil lamp filled and felt determined to be patient, happy and just chill out, ya know. But then I get tossed a REAL curve ball. Well, I had on my to do list for this week to finally get my Washington State drivers license (I know, it's been like what? Two years now?? Huh.) Anyhow, we we're going skiing in Canada over Thanksgiving and I found out that Washington residents get a discount on their lift pass if we purchase them before this Friday. So--better time than ever to declare my Washington state residency, right? An annoying errand, but it must be done. Well, as I started checking the website and gathering all my ID and proofs, I read that I was supposed to have done this 30 days within becoming a resident. WHAT!?!? And if I didn't, I have to retake the written and driving tests! WHAT?!?! I've never liked driving or cars and its for reasons like this. Now an annoying errand has turned into a stressful nightmare! First, I have to go tomorrow and hope with all my heart they'll lightly scan my documents take an unflattering photo of my head and be done. I've already prepped, hi-lighted and strategically folded my documents so only necessary information is obviously stated and any other information that might casually lead to the fact that I've been here for more than 30 days will be overlooked. I also plan to look well-groomed and put-together. However, if I am ousted, as Phil would say if I you do the crime you have to pay the time. (He on the other hand is finding this whole situation rather amusing.) Yup, that's right I get to re-live drivers ed. Oh goody. Doesn't graduating from high school mean anything anymore? I have to take a written exam and a driving test. I have to study, make an appointment, and come back to take them. And if I don't pass... oh, I can't even think it. Oh the pit in my stomach! Did I mention I hate tests. Then, not only do I still have to pay $50 to get my stupid license, but I don't even get the discount on my lift ticket! Holy shnikeys, I'm nervous. I'm going to wake up and go first thing in the morning so it can be over and done with. Wish me luck. I'll let you know how it goes. And yes, I do realize that this isn't that big of a deal. But for some reason that thought doesn't make the pit in my stomach go away.


Howdy! Well, this looks like fun. Thanks AnnMarie, for tagging me! (ha, that rhymes!)


8 Favorite TV Shows:

  • Chuck
  • Eli Stone
  • Gilmore Girls (they show reruns on the ABC family channel)
  • Divine Design
  • 24 (new season starts in a couple of weeks, just in case you weren't aware!)
  • Lost
  • I'm kinda diggin' Fringe
  • Oh, the Amazing Race, how could I forget!

8 Things I Did Yesterday: (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

  • Cleaned the casa
  • Played with Ryder
  • Made a dentist appointment. Woot, woot!
  • Went Running
  • Played with Ryder some more
  • Fed Ryder dinner
  • Gave Ryder a bath
  • Watched a movie and ate pizza with Phil
8 Things I Look Forward To:
  • Visiting my family at Christmas
  • 2009 and all that entails
  • Our future children, hopefully
  • moving back to Utah one day
  • Hopefully learning more about graphic design and web design (I have a dream!)
  • Seeing Peanut grow older
  • Growing my hair long again
  • Waking up to some very cute boys every morning

8 Favorite Restaurants:

  • Spiros
  • Olive Garden
  • Cafe Rio
  • Taco Time
  • McDonalds (it's true, people)
  • Fredrico's
  • I kinda eat at the same places all the time.
  • I like breakfast food places like IHOP, Village Inn, etc. They always make me feel like I'm on vacation.

8 Things On My Wish List:

  • a nice house that comfortably accommodates my family, decorating and organizing needs
  • Good health for everyone I love
  • Storage
  • To sell our condo this summer (wishes don't have to be realistic, do they?)
  • To find some way to become a graphic designer
  • A nice Mac that helps me along with that last one
  • Safety for my family
  • A craft room


So--here is the rundown of October in picture format. I found that I had made like this rule with myself that I couldn't post until I had these all done. Well, now they're done and so my blogging freedom returns! Wahoo! Anyhow, as you will see October was a very busy month, indeed...
My Mom & Dad's Visit
Lunch Date


So the other day I was talking to my good friend Laura on the phone (mid October, I'd say) and she divulged to me that she had already whipped out the Christmas music. Having, earlier, made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start listening to those blessed holiday tunes until after Thanksgiving, I told her that I was going to hold out a little longer. I think I lasted 24 more hours. Can you blame me? I mean, I was making pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffins, for heaven's sake! How could I not? Anyhow, I'm glad I did. I really do feel like Halloween and Thanksgiving are, yes, wonderful holidays in themselves, but at the same time a prelude (no pun intended) to Christmas. And oh, how I love it. Plus, I figure it's a lot better to love something TOO much as opposed loving it just enough.


...and good-bye light. It hurts me to see you disappear for 14 hours of every day during this bleak season. If it weren't for your absence I would love everything about this Northwestern climate of ours. Yes, even all that rain. Luckily, there is the glow and cheer of the holidays to carry us until Christmas, but after that, it's all about Starbucks. But for the rest of us who don't drink coffee, we just get a little sad and aren't sure why until one glorious day in April, we see you and feel you and there is hope in the world again. Missing you, until then.