Howdy! Well, this looks like fun. Thanks AnnMarie, for tagging me! (ha, that rhymes!)


8 Favorite TV Shows:

  • Chuck
  • Eli Stone
  • Gilmore Girls (they show reruns on the ABC family channel)
  • Divine Design
  • 24 (new season starts in a couple of weeks, just in case you weren't aware!)
  • Lost
  • I'm kinda diggin' Fringe
  • Oh, the Amazing Race, how could I forget!

8 Things I Did Yesterday: (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

  • Cleaned the casa
  • Played with Ryder
  • Made a dentist appointment. Woot, woot!
  • Went Running
  • Played with Ryder some more
  • Fed Ryder dinner
  • Gave Ryder a bath
  • Watched a movie and ate pizza with Phil
8 Things I Look Forward To:
  • Visiting my family at Christmas
  • 2009 and all that entails
  • Our future children, hopefully
  • moving back to Utah one day
  • Hopefully learning more about graphic design and web design (I have a dream!)
  • Seeing Peanut grow older
  • Growing my hair long again
  • Waking up to some very cute boys every morning

8 Favorite Restaurants:

  • Spiros
  • Olive Garden
  • Cafe Rio
  • Taco Time
  • McDonalds (it's true, people)
  • Fredrico's
  • I kinda eat at the same places all the time.
  • I like breakfast food places like IHOP, Village Inn, etc. They always make me feel like I'm on vacation.

8 Things On My Wish List:

  • a nice house that comfortably accommodates my family, decorating and organizing needs
  • Good health for everyone I love
  • Storage
  • To sell our condo this summer (wishes don't have to be realistic, do they?)
  • To find some way to become a graphic designer
  • A nice Mac that helps me along with that last one
  • Safety for my family
  • A craft room


  1. I didn't know you wanted to become a graphic designer. Do you want to do freelance, get an actual job, or just have the skill? Didn't you love Grey's Anatamy? I have just started watching that from season one. I'm on season two now. Is there any reason why it isn't one of your favorite shows anymore?

  2. I plan my day around the 2:00Gillmore Girls. I know I'm pathetic.

  3. HOLLA Jazzy! I'm glad you found me, I've been hearing all about you through the grapevines. CUTE blogs...I'll be checking back in. Good to hear from you.