So have any of you been catching the Masterpiece Theater of "Little Dorritt" by BBC? Sooo good. I crave each Sunday when one more of it's five parts is added to my DVR. Apparently, it was book first written by this author named Charles Dickens. But seriously, if you're not into the BBC Masterpiece Classics, you should be. For the following reasons:
  • I think they're aired on you local PBS station so they're easily accessible to every one.
  • If you're like me and haven't read many classics, these movies are here to inform you of such famous plots and perhaps even interest you enough to read them...perhaps.
  • They have great actors with great acting skills, like Matthew Macfayden or Colin Firth
  • Granted some stories are better than others, but the good ones are really good.
  • They have interesting little bios about the author at the beginning of each part given elusively by Laura Linney or Gillian Anderson. I like their elusivness.
I haven't had time to watch the 4th installment of Little Dorritt yet, (aired last night). But I may wait until part 5 airs this Sunday and spoil myself with a back to back finale. P.S. Sorry about my wonky formatting right now. I FINALLY figured out how to add a third column but haven't had the time yet to update my layout. What good is a third column, if you're not going to use it, right? Will update soon.


Ya know, I don't really like to voice my strong opinions on my blog very often, but today is one of those times. If you know me, you know I watch Oprah. If you know me really well, you know she has really gotten on my nerves lately and although I don't watch her show nearly as much as I use to, I am always threatening to give up her show completely. Well folks, it's time. After her show last Thursday I was pushed over the edge and my mom, sister and I vowed to never watch again. Let's just say I felt the same way watching the latter part of this show as I did watching her show on child p*rn*gr@phy. The only difference was that Oprah was in blatant support of the ideas mentioned in Thursday's show. So I'm done. I felt strongly that is was only fair to let the Oprah Winfrey Show about this decision as well. Although, this letter probably won't get past the entry-level employee whose sole job is to filter fan mail, it is really all I can do to fight for what I believe to by right. But I didn't want my hard work to go to waste, so here you go--my letter to Oprah, uncut.* *The email slot to oprah.com only allotted me 2000 characters so some of it had to be cut. FYI, there are some adult terms used in this letter.
{Click to Enlarge}


*WARNING* There is a gross amount of photos in this post, particularly of myself. So back in January before Phil's little sister, Jaimie, left on her mission, we had a little family photo shoot....or a large one, rather. We hit a variety of poses with every family combo possible and ended up with a lot of great shots to choose from. But I believe my favorite part of the whole process was the photographer's insistence on each of us getting individual portrait shots. I found it a rather funny (see below). I mean, who wouldn't jump at the chance to feel like a senior in high school again?
So the professional led out and the natural followed...
Then it was my turn...
...and ended up feeling a tad bit like a fish out of water and for the life of me couldn't quit laughing.
But don't worry, guys. I warmed up. I totally managed to pull it together in time to get my real estate agent shot and my album cover...
And of course, a little somethin' somethin' for Phil to frame and put by his bedside...
Oh. And there were some other people there besides me. Here are my favorites from everyone together, followed by just our little family and of course, the true model of the hour, Ryder Roo.


So another General Conference weekend comes and goes. I have to admit I didn't partake of this conference, as much as I'd hoped. It was a combination of things that left me rather distracted, and due to no one's fault but my own, I was left unable to revel in those sweet words as much as I'm used to doing. I found the feast over and I only got a few bites. One bite I found most delicious to the soul was Elder Holland's talk on the Jesus Christ and loneliness. I was riveted. Feeling so drawn and understood by the Savior, I also loved how he chronologically took us through the events leading up to His crucifixion. When Elder Holland bears his testimony, it awakens my own. Another talk that struck a chord with me was Elder Hales' talk on living providently. But more specifically concentrating on things we don't really need. And how those things can become addictions and can prevent you from feelings the Spirit. Although I can think of a number of cute and clever responses to my husband asking me if I wanted him to buy me a fancy coat. I can't imagine myself ever saying "Where would I wear it?" and turning it down. Especially where he points out much of her time was spent with needy families. The part about this story that hit me was that she couldn't think to wear something in front of people that might warrant their envy. I mean I don't know if she even thought about it that deeply, but wow. I say wow, because that is SO the opposite of how I think!!! I mean I don't go around consciously deciding how I can make someone feel lesser than me, but I know their is a certain level of trying to obtain the approval and, dare I say, the envy of others? I mean, I don't think its working, but that's beside the point. I know it's a simple concept. Yes, Jasmine we're not supposed to desire the envy of others...but if it just happens to come our way, well then, we can't help it we're that cool. Right? That's how I think a lot of us subconsciously look at it. It's a new concept to me to prevent it and another perspective as to why living modestly is important. Anyhow it made me think.