*WARNING* There is a gross amount of photos in this post, particularly of myself. So back in January before Phil's little sister, Jaimie, left on her mission, we had a little family photo shoot....or a large one, rather. We hit a variety of poses with every family combo possible and ended up with a lot of great shots to choose from. But I believe my favorite part of the whole process was the photographer's insistence on each of us getting individual portrait shots. I found it a rather funny (see below). I mean, who wouldn't jump at the chance to feel like a senior in high school again?
So the professional led out and the natural followed...
Then it was my turn...
...and ended up feeling a tad bit like a fish out of water and for the life of me couldn't quit laughing.
But don't worry, guys. I warmed up. I totally managed to pull it together in time to get my real estate agent shot and my album cover...
And of course, a little somethin' somethin' for Phil to frame and put by his bedside...
Oh. And there were some other people there besides me. Here are my favorites from everyone together, followed by just our little family and of course, the true model of the hour, Ryder Roo.


  1. A-DOR-ABLE. Seriously, Ryder gets cuter every time you post pictures, and you guys look gorgeous. What a good looking family!

  2. so fun!! I love your smile Jazzy. You are such a doll. Are you really in real estate or was that a joke? I'm kinda slow. :) I bet Phil loves the pic for his nightstand. ;)
    I didn't realize that your Roo (we call ours "Roo" too) was the only grand baby. Fun! I bet he gets loads of attention.
    Please tell your MIL I love her hair cut and her shirt. :)
    Darling family you have!

  3. I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard. You are so funny. Darling pictures, I love your album cover.

    P.s. my word verification word is "rearolit" Could my morning get any funnier?

  4. What a cute family!! How funny you are!! I probably would be laughing had I had to take individual photos too!! You look great in them!!

  5. Hey Jazzy! I swear I tried to look at your blog a long time ago and it was private, but I decided to try again after finding you on fb! So glad I did! Darling pics! I bet you are so excited to get closer to family. I hope we get to do that someday!

  6. Love love love those pix! Your photo w/your face straight forward is my favorite of you!

  7. I love the pictures, Jasmine! You guys look great. And I love the ones of you. Are they by Phil's bedside yet? :)

  8. This is such a fun post! Loved all the pictures - me being a picture taker myself (only so I don't have to be in them! haha).