My thoughts today are with my dear sister (in-law), Jaimie--as she enters the MTC!* Woot, woot!!! I am so excited and anxious for her as she starts this amazing journey. There is a definite spirit and blessing that comes to having a missionary in the family and I'm grateful I get to be a part of it. There is no doubt she is going to change lives for the better. Those lucky Slovenes! I sure will miss her. *The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Training Center


  1. I remember when Lori entered the MTC_ such a bittersweet day.
    Hey, BTW, Kenny, Daniel and I are going to be in the Seattle Area next july for 3 or 4 days. I'd love to see you if you're around! (here's hoping my geography-of-where-friends-live hasn't completely failed me this time)

  2. umm, i just love you Jasmine!! I mean it, i just love you! It's been too long. Lets chat this week!