Back in the Saddle Again!

Wooooweee! It's been a crazy last couple of months. Oh how I'd really love to record to the details of our flight from Sydney to NJ, but I'd be here forever, not to mention whether or not I'd be able to do the whole scene justice. You know that saying, "it takes a village..."? Well, in our case it took a whole cabin crew and then, during each layover (2), an airline crew...and a golf cart. But we made it!

Then after arriving in New Jersey for a week, it was a whirlwind of movers, logistical nightmares, doctor appointments and bittersweet good-byes. I know a lot of beautiful people in that good 'ol NJ. 

Already, I have absolutely no recollection of our flight from NJ to UT. The only part I remember (and care to) is my dad's sweet face at curbside pick-up. It was at this point we got to rest. We had two blissful days of rest at my parents oasis of a home.

Monday, we hit the ground running again. We bought a car and Tuesday, made our way to Lehi, to stay with my sister (who was crazy amounts of help) while we registered Ryder for school, got the keys to our new home, met the moving truck, moved into our new home and hosted Phil's parents while they were in town for a wedding.  

Although, it was insanely busy, Phil and I mentioned to each other over and over how smoothly things went. With so many logistics and so many things needing to happen at the right time in the right order, it meant there was potentially so many things that could go wrong. But there was nothing that majorly went wrong--to which I am still so grateful for. 

  Ryder starting Kindergarten meant two friends (who have been thru a lot together) had to say good-bye. 

Immediately after all of that, Ryder started Kindergarten. Besides being rather emotional--figuring out our new routine was experiencing a whole new kind of busy. A week later, Ryder also started soccer, and Penny started preschool (2 times a week) and dance lessons (because she told me she needs a stage). 

Now we have a month of our new life under our belt and we're starting to feel all settled. We love being near family and the mountains again. We've already gotten to see more family in the last 4 weeks than we have in last year with our visits combined. There is no doubt we have been showered with blessings.